Saturday, April 18, 2015

today is a day for...

Coffee and cousin shenanigans at the beach...

Roshes and stripes and the comfiest, most worn-in pair of ripped denim jeans...

Loads of washing while the wind picks up, and before the rain hits...

Half a lamb shoulder slow cooking away...

Pots of fresh coffee while the kiddo sleeps.

Happy Sunday

Monday, April 13, 2015

short and sweet...

Happy happy Monday! Now that I don't work Mondays, I rather enjoy them. Usually a relaxing affair with the small one - today involved the park and baking some banana bread together.

I have been battling a raging sinus infection all weekend - first in years, and boy did I not miss this. Pressure headache and pain *cries* Consequentially, I have been spending as much time as possible like this. Woollen socks and Vogue make everything better.

Despite the overcast skies (and my pounding head), we took the tiny one to the Botanic Gardens on Sunday for a play. There are very few parks in our local area which are completely fenced in - if you have a "runner", taking your kid to a regular play area is a freaking nightmare. Especially if it's close to a road!

Peekaboo! Playing in the maze with her dadda.

This one is short and sweet as I'm feeling so crook. Work tomorrow, yew! Haha (Quickly learning the need to save my sick leave to take when E is unwell!!!)


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

of autumn's mellow fruitfulness...

Without a doubt, autumn is my favourite time of year.

My sister is in Fiji at the moment, and I'm only a teeny bit jealous (well, maybe a big bit haha) - because it's 18degrees and windy/rainy here, but oh so warm and cosy inside our apartment. You see, I'm weird like that. Give me a cold-weather getaway over tropical most days.

Ripped denim and wool jumpers and giant mugs of freshly brewed coffee - heaven!

In the spirit of autumn, I have some quince poaching in the slow-cooker - a chicken slowly roasting on looooow heat - and some rhubarb and strawberries gently poaching (I think they want to become a crumble for tonight, unclear as of yet.) The rain and the wind are beating against the windows, and I'm loving it.

Here's to the cool and the breezy and the red-and-gold, to crisp apples and hot coffee, to warm scarves and ugg boots.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

easter long weekend...

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it. Isn't the weather just glorious today? Loving the crisp coolness, but the fact that it's sunny enough to get the washing dry is a bonus!

The tiny human is currently napping (as is her father!) so I'm taking a moment to indulge in a hot cuppa and bash out a blog post retrospective our of long weekend so far...

We braved the gloomy weather and distance and took E to Taronga Zoo for the first time on Good Friday. So glad we bit the bullet, as we had the best time, she loved it! The weather was grey and occasionally drizzly, but just enough to keep the crowds away. And the animals were all alert and active.

The turtles were probably the highly of the day for her (kid is OB-SESSED! her face when she saw the giant ones, priceless) - unless it was the moment when a kookaburra swooped her and stole her sandwich right out of her hand. We've been having loads of fun recreating that one at home.

Saturday morning, I went to ballet class while V and the kiddo hung out in town. They had an absolute blast - shared a milkshake, saw the Easter Bunny (thankfully E didn't recognise the shiny foil-wrapped item her gave her as food heh). Headed home, and E proceeded to take a 3-hour nap - her record!

When she woke, she supervised proceedings while we dyed some eggs...

I had a lamb shoulder slow-cooking all day - beyond amazing! Eaten with a simple Greek salad, salsa verde and lemon roast potatoes. V's assessment - "better than restaurant food." Winner!

We had been apprehensive about a possible 5am start with daylight savings - but were treated to a 7am wakeup (although the little ratbag did make off with my ugg boots!)

We had brunch with the whole family at my parents' house this morning, which was so lovely - we don't all get to be in the same place at the same time as often as I would like these days. My poor brother worked a graveyard shift at the hospital last night, but was there this morning (I made sure to make him an especially good coffee!) 

We have no concrete plans for tomorrow, which I like. No doubt we will just take it easy and chill out. V hasn't had this long off work since Christmas, so we are all just soaking up the time together.

I'm attempting avgolemono for tea tonight, I've always wanted to make it. Cross your fingers for me, the recipe seems simple enough!
Don't eat too much chocolate! (Or if you do, make sure it's the good stuff!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

work/motherhood imbalance...

Some days, I feel I am treading water. Being at work, doing it part-time, trying to find that mythical balance.

Everyone says, be 100% at work when you're at work, and 100% with your baby when you're with them. I like the idea but can't seem to put it into practice.

I have had moments at work where my brain has just glitched, and all I can think about is Evelyn, something that was bothering her, something funny she did. Similarly I've had moments when I'm with her, when I'm suddenly in work mode and planning something out on a file. I can't switch it off. Some weeks, I feel I should be working 4 days instead of 2, others I don't want to spend a single day away from my daughter. It is absolutely confusing, but I'm guessing it's also pretty normal.

I am slowly learning to be ok with the reality that my focus has shifted - this little person has come along and taken up a huge place in my life. At this point in time, I'm not thinking of being promoted, or making partner. I'm happy settling back in and taking it slow. I have struggled with this SO much. But I'm learning that it's ok to not be as driven at this point in my life. It's a different season right now.

Do you work part-time? Did you struggle with the adjustment?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

perfect fridays...

Friday is MY day. My day to do whatever I want, for the 6 hours E is at daycare (I put her in for a short day on Fridays). And what I want, usually goes a little something like this...

Breakfast and coffee out somewhere I can't go with a small person in tow - at a relaxed and leisurely pace...

Quinoa and coconut Bircher with rhubarb and strawberries, courtesy of the new Humber bar - awesome spot, not one to take the teeny human though! 

It wouldn't be a Friday without a trip to the produce markets in the mall. My opportunity to stock up on fresh, seasonal goodies. Usually with my gorgeous mum in tow, this week I was lucky enough to have her AND my nana - three generations out for brekky and a shop! Perfect.

Friday laundry day is my chance to wash all the bedsheets - is there anything more  blissful than clean, sunshine-dried sheets? Even though we live in an apartment, an outdoor clothesline is a non-negotiable for me.

Friday is also my meal-planning and prep day. This week, I stewed up some fruit for our breakfast porridge...

Made some herbed rye breadcrumbs in the trusty Kitchenaid and used them to crumb some chicken breast and make about four dozen mini meatballs, which I froze. Having dinner prepped and ready to go is essential when I get home after work with a seriously hangry toddler!

I also have the luxury of a nice big clean of the house, which is a near impossibility when the kiddo is home. Our place is small enough that anything noisy done while she naps is sure to wake her - and when she's awake, there's just no chance! Her favourite game is following me around and switching off the vacuum when I'm not looking, then running away while laughing hysterically. Why can't she be scared of the vacuum like normal kids?!

Throw in the chance to take a yoga or ballet class, or go for a quiet walk, and you've got my ideal Friday. With a husband who works long hours and often weekends, that one day is a little investment in my sanity and the smooth running of our household. Priceless!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

everything was beautiful at the ballet...

A few weeks ago, my lovely mum and I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake in Sydney...

I managed to nab pre-sale tickets last year, and we were three rows from the front - it was absolutely magical. Loved it. And it awoke my ballet obsession afresh and I found myself dyyyying to get to a class! 

Sadly my old class just doesn't work for me anymore, time-wise, now that I have the tiny human at home, but one of my girlfriends found a new studio for us to try. So early this morning, the two of us kitted up and headed off for an hour-long class (after dumping our respective kiddies with their respective grandparents heh)

It was I have ever taken. Hands down, bar none. The teacher looked and moved like a professional, with the most amazing feet and port de bras. I came away so inspired and fired up for more classes! (although I anticipate being very sore tomorrow).

Here's to reawakening old passions and making time for what you enjoy.