Friday, November 21, 2014

hush little baby...

Evie woke up last night, about an hour after I had put her to bed, which she almost never does.

There were real tears - you can always tell instantly when it's proper crying and not just a grizzle. I went in and picked her up, and shhhhh'd her, told her mummy's here, sang Twinkle Twinkle to her quietly. And she quietned down immediately and fell back to sleep, wee hands clutching into my neck.

It really does feel indescribable to be someone's "mummy" - to be able to comfort and soothe with a cuddle and a song.


but once a year...

Today, my mum and sister and I headed to Sydney for our annual Christmas shopping trip!

Kick-started our Big Day Out with bowls of coffee at Le Pain Quotedien...

Before hitting the shops hard! 

Alice McCall and Zimmerman were surprisingly disappointing - some nice pieces in Ginger&Smart as always, but Sass & Bide was the highlight (somewhat a surprisingly as I'm not usually a huge fan, neither is R).

We treated ourselves to High Tea at the QVB Tearoom...

Dressed for the sweltering heat!

Bought these navy Awaken pants from Sass & Bide...

And this white broderie skirt from Country Road (to replace the winter knit skirt the dry cleaners shrunk ��)

As well as various other Christmas goodies for family and friends!

We had planned our day meticulously, driving to Sutherland and catching the train into the city, the idea being to avoid the afternoon rush leaving the CBD. This was fantastic - unfortunately, a nasty accident at Bulli Tops meant some serious delays driving home. It seems two young children were involved - my thoughts are with them and their family.

Wishing you all a restful weekend

Saturday, November 15, 2014

sunday sessions...

Headed out for a run around the shops this morning, and a coffee/babychino with my lovely sister...

Feels like I blinked, and she can suddenly reach the lift buttons! As V said, it's like the rising tide - you have to keep moving everything up higher and higher as she grows taller and taller!

Did a massive pre-Christmas clean today, yew! Cannot wait to go pick out a tree and get some decorations happening soon!

Thinking we might put the tree here, where the high chair usually gets placed...

What's your least favorite cleaning task?
I loathe and abhor dusting - it's so dusty! Since I have discovered baby wipes as an all-purpose cleaning item it has admittedly been much easier

The tiny one is kind of overly enthusiastic about cleaning - should I be concerned? She loved the vacuum and follows me around, turning it off at random intervals

It has been insanely windy here today, so much so that the rattling windows woke E half an hour into her (usually 2-hour) nap!

Luckily she has agreed to have an afternoon kip, and I'm using the time to go through my pile of Donna Hay Christmas magazines (how amazing is this year's?) and start menu planning

Love a good present stash!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bupa 2014 blog awards function...

Image courtesy of Bupa

Yesterday I attended the Bupa 2014 blog awards function...

Image courtesy of Bupa

Image courtesy of Bupa

I didn't win any awards - and honestly would have been astounded if I had, there were some amazing blogs amongst the finalists! I had a wonderful morning, met lots of lovely bloggers and enjoyed a very nice lunch

The lovely Tash from Beachsidemumma blog was my date!

Image courtesy of Bupa

A definite highlight was meeting the lovely Carly from Tune into Radio Carly - we have followed each other's blogs for 5 years, so it felt a little bit like a reunion with a long-lost friend

Image courtesy of Bupa

The day was a bit of a new experience for me, I have never been to a blog event before, and have no idea how to "work the room" in that sort of circumstance - if it had been a work function, I would have been fine! Luckily I found some lovely bloggers to chat with over lunch (including Stace from A Healthy Mum and her beyond-words-adorable little boy!)

It was such a wonderful experience to hear Sally Obermeder tell her story, I was hard-pressed to avoid shedding a few tears to be quite honest! I will henceforth aim to be my own cheerleader

Image courtesy of Bupa

There was a lot of "blog networking" going on, and discussions on how to market or "monetize" one's blog, which was a foreign concept to me. Honestly, I am constantly surprised that people even read this little blog, I could not ever imagine taking it "to the next level", as we heard about from one of the speakers. It obviously works for some, but I lack to tech savy, amongst other things. Don't quit your day job is my motto hahaha 

Thank you all so much for voting and supporting me, I was so lucky to be involved, it was a fantastic event!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

post-baby body blues...

So, here is where I talk openly and honestly about how things are for me 12 months on, physically. If you don't like hearing about "lady issues", or are bored by the after-effects of childbirth, close your browser window now!

I was extremely lucky to have an enjoyable, low-risk pregnancy - and despite the fact that I am an older mum, I "bounced back" very quickly in terms of how my body looks.

A few days before I gave birth to Evie...

And a few days after - not exactly like the movies, where the bump just magically disappears hahaha

Externally, all is fine and dandy, and was pretty much back to normal within a matter of a few short months. (Hello skinny jeans!) Internally, is a different story.

I was so smug during my pregnancy. I felt well enough to exercise, did tons of Pilates, and was religious about my Keigels (still am!) I dread to think how things might be now if I hadn't have taken so many Pilates classes! As they say, pride goeth before a fall...

Pushing out almost 8lb of baby in under an hour left me with nerve damage that is yet to resolve, and a significantly weakened pelvic floor.

My Physio tells me that if my tone hadn't been so good during pregnancy, the effects would be much more notable. As it is, I can happily say I have no major bladder issews, I can jog and jump without fear - but I am at low-grade risk of prolapse. Which means that things like jete'ing across a ballet studio, or going for a run, are off the cards indefinitely.

It's easy to say how it's all worth it - of course it is! I would take far worse, to have my little girl safe and happy in my arms. But it's unhelpful to downplay the impact of this sort of thing. It often gets me down - it's difficult to accept that things may never go back entirely to the way they were before baby.

I am sharing this because I am entirely confident I'm not alone in my experience! Pregnancy, labour and birth are hard on the body, and leave lasting effects - we should feel comfortable discussing them, and hopefully we can all feel a bit better knowing we aren't suffering alone.


currently obsessed with...

Botanica cold-pressed green juice

English breakfast tea with vanilla bean paste and frothed milk

My Everlane tote ❤️

Chilled rose on a balmy afternoon

Coffee and pastries at Three Chimneys

Creative storage solutions


Monday, November 10, 2014

food for thought...

It is seriously uninspiring at times to be cooking for one - it is incredibly tempting to just have toast for tea some nights. Add a baby into the mix, and gourmet goes out the window in favour of quick and simple.

I am someone who normally gets excited about food - cooking it, and eating it! But at the end of the day when energy levels are low, and I've just put the kiddo down to bed, it can be tough to feel motivated to cook anything at all let alone anything fancy. I am conscious of the need to eat well to make sure I stay healthy, with a little one relying on me - I also want Evie to see us eating healthy dinners, and modeling her own eating habits on ours.

do a lot of one-pan/pot meals nowadays, and I use a slow cooker in cooler months. And pre-prepping dinner is my saviour! Of course, when V is home it's all much easier, there is a spare set of hands for kiddo-wrangling during that witching hour.

Lunch is seriously my downfall. I eat lunch after Evie has had hers, and gone down for her nap, and I am just so unmotivated to make anything elaborate most days! I have to confess to resorting to toast or baked beans (or sometimes just coffee! eeek). Today was better - I prepped a brown rice and chicken salad last night with the leftovers from dinner. Need to do this more often!

One of my favorite go-to dinners is tagliatelle with lemon - the ingredients are simple and there is barely and prep or cooking involved! Just cook some grated lemon rind in olive oil, add creme fraiche, lemon juice and Parmesan. I don't measure, just go by taste. Serve with loads of salad, simple!

clockwise from top - grilled chicken salad; lemon tagliatelle; baked chicken with brown rice; roast veges and haloumi salad

What are your go-to weeknight recipes? Any lunch suggestions for me?