Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my skincare saviours...

My skin has been a fair disaster zone of late - if I'm honest, since I had Evie! Lots of sore, red breakouts around my chin and jawline, that take ages to clear, and just keep right on coming! And sadly, I know it's going to be that way for a while as the cause is hormonal.

You see, I am currently stuck on the dreaded mini-pill as I am still feeding the tiny terror once a day. Once that's over and done with, I can shout hurrah, bin the mini-pill and go back on my regular pill, happy dances all round. 

Until then, here are the magic potions I have been relying on to face the day...

My current arsenal!

• Ella Bache lait enrichi is a gentle but thorough cleanser. Despite the break outs, my skin remains annoyingly dry and sensitive, and this cleanser caters to that perfectly.

• Ella Bache gommage - honestly, this was a gift with purchase and I don't love it. Certainly I wouldn't purchase it! It is inoffensive, but just meh. Doesn't seem to do much at all. Recommendations for a good gently, effective exfoliant?

• Dermalogica intensive moisture balance - this is my current HG moisturizer. It is so rich and nourishing, but surprisingly our. Definitely not greasy. I have been using it day and night, year around.

• Ella Bache creme intex no. 2 - my secret weapon! This stuff is the for those lovely little hormonal pimples that lurk beneath the surface and taunt you. Clears them up so quickly, hallelujah and praise jeebus.

I laugh when I remember I was the girl who used to use the OCM, and finish with a few drops of rosehip oil - how times have changed! Needs must, and I would rather shell out for good quality products that work, and be able to actually leave the house without a paper bag over my head.

The worst part is, my skin was amazing during pregnancy, all clear and glowy - bit of a change and a shock! Here's hoping it goes back that way soon.

Did any of you find that pregnancy or the post-natal period wreaked havoc with your skin?


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

just ticking along...

My sister and her family are back from Tassie, cue massive yay's! �� It's been so cute seeing E and P get reaquainted - they are best buds, I'm sure they will have some moments of biffo, but they are pretty sweet together. Seeing them makes me sad I grew up so far away from all my cousins. Luckily I have two pretty great siblings (when they're not interstate!)

My coffee date today was particularly cute - apparently the hat must stay on at all times

Actioned a major wardrobe cull this weekend - two bags full taken to my local Red Cross shop

Despite my best efforts, I still spy multiple striped tops in there! And don't talk to me about cream silk shirts. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the classics

I'm not usually a Women's Weekly reader, but I do love Mary - how ridiculously cute and well-dressed are her little girls?

Salad nights, for sure! Grilled chicken, goats cheese and yummy fresh veges


Monday, October 27, 2014

dreaming of a white christmas...

Only 8 weeks left until Christmas, peeps! Ahahaha yes, hate me if you will - I've never made any secret of my love for all things seasonal - you certainly won't hear me complaining about a the decorations in the shops!

Hoping to get an early start on my Christmas cards this year - Kikki-k is always so reliable! I just need the Donna Hay Christmas magazine and I will feel truly Christmass-y.

I had somewhat of a minor tantrum the other day over feeling like a pack mule, lugging around handbag, nappy bag, (baby hahaha) On reflection, I decided it was a good time to ditch the nappy bag, which I really no longer need, and upgrade to a "mum-and-bub" bag. Something large enough to hold my things, plus the few extras that are all that Evie really needs these days.

Some fellow bloggers had raved about the Everlane Petra market tote (I am a huge fan of their silk shirts!) I was keen, but nervous about using a parcel forwarder. Salvation arrived in the shape of the lovely Brigadeiro, who was looking to offload her brand-new Petra. It arrived this week and I am utterly in love ❤️
(That is my Popbasic Salut! clutch you spy in there, holding all of Evie's fixings, prepped for easy removal on her daycare days).

The warmer weather has hit with a bang! The kiddo and I have been getting about in shorts and sandals, and spending lots of time at the beach. Thank goodness for aircon!

Apparently the remnants of Evie's birthday party balloon make an excellent kitty-nest. I haven't been able to turf the damn thing, the tiny one loves it still, and drags it about the place with her. Maybe a mission for when she is asleep tonight...

In other exciting news, I have been a woman on a tooth-whitening mission this past fortnight. Dad brought home some Colegate whitening toothpaste for me, after hearing me whinge about these stubborn stains that keep coming back on my centrals (ahem, coffee! eeep) Nothing like a free sample, thanks Dad! (Probably better than me constantly nagging him to go into work of a weekend and polish them for me).

And damn, that stuff actually works! It's a miracle! My teeth actually sometimes looks like I'm a smoker, they stain so badly (I have never been a smoker, for the record). And after just a few weeks they are actually nice and white - not freaky, zoom-whitened white, just normal tooth white. I am stoked! I won't torture you all with mouth photos LOL
(I'll tell you, it would want to have worked, maybe I have a low tolerance, but that stuff really tingles! ��)

I am off to hunt down some easy, seasonal baking ideas - I do love to gift little bags of cookies to friends. Any recommendations?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

a week in photos...

Monday - storytime ❤️

Tuesday - coffee, always

Wednesday - as arranged by the kiddo

Thursday - play date at the park

Friday - iced tea and me time

Saturday - girls night out

Sunday - discount roses


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

making time for me...

"Relentless" is the best word I have heard used to describe parenthood. It doesn't imply hard times per se - and E is an extremely happy, easy kiddo. But from the time she wakes, to the time she snuggles down for the night in her cot, it is fairly constant. Naptimes aside, there aren't many moments of relaxation! Not much spare time to devote to myself.

You all know I'm not into matyrdom - and I don't believe that being a mother must necessarily come at the expense of all else in your life. So I make a conscious, concerted effort to take time for myself whenever it offers.

On that note, I recently headed out for a day with a girlfriend, for some actual and spiritual refreshment - absolutely loved the Dream, so good! And so good to get out and talk and laugh with a lovely person, and be me again, just Cate, not Mum. (Although I won't lie, I missed my girl when I went to pick her up from my parents!)

Here's to more oases in the sometimes-storm of parenthood.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

random ramblings...

Hola! Another wonderful week - so glad school holidays are finally over, there is NOTHING on during school holidays for teeny humans. No library, no music, niente! Boo to that.

My gorgeous aunty has been over this week from New Zealand, with her family - so lovely to catch up! It's been a year since we last saw her. Lots of coffee and shopping, and BBQs, and vino heh

Treated myself to lunch at lee&me last Friday while the kiddo was at daycare - having two hands and no distractions really added to my level of appreciation of this vege burger with chips!

Grabbed this cute little wooden cloud from my local Kikki-K on sale - how I love saying that, my local Kikki-k hahaha Same as my local Country Road, Mimco and Trenery - woot for developments in Wollongong! 

V has headed off for another fortnight for work - mounting a telco array on a tower such as this one...

Is it any wonder our daughter is a climber? ��

Loves her uncle P beyond all measure...

Meet my stalker balloon - likes to follow me around the house at night. I tie him to a chair at night for fear of waking up to him hovering over my bed ��

Cleared out most of the tiny one's outgrow clothes, boxes worth - gave most away, sold a few key gems on eBay. And kept a hanful of special pieces - nostalgia is not minimalism's friend!

My cat likes to hide in boxes...

In seasonal news, I have volunteered to organise the Vogue Australia KK gift exchange this year - given I am not back at work, and I lurve all things Christmas, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Possibly I am insane hahahaha we shall see, cross your fingers and toes I don't mess it all up!

Is it wrong to start planning (maybe even shopping) for Christmas, in October? Just stocking fillers of course. And V's gift. And some cards. I need help!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We recently had some photos taken by the extremely talented, extremely lovely Heidi Boardman. To say we are thrilled with the images would be an understatement!

Here are just a very few of my favorites...

Cannot recommend Heidi enough for anyone in Sydney or south of!