Friday, August 1, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

pretty little things...

I have been so enjoying my weekly barre Pilates class of a Monday morning ��

Always followed by a coffee!

While this one hangs out with her nana for an hour - not sure which of them enjoys it more!

Treated myself to some lovely blooms from my local flower spot...

Evie has started music classes and is loving them it would seem...

Fun in the sun at mothers group today...

We are having Faye Cahill make Evelyn's birthday cake (let's face it, I'm hardly able for that LOL) - tossing up between something like this...

Or this. Obviously in pink rather than blue �� 

How gorgeous is this month's Vogue cover? Sarah en pointe ❤️

Have been enjoying some early nights with a jasmine tea and my book...

Hot water bottle optional, but most definitely desirable in this weather!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

for want of a better title...

My gorgeous sister and her family headed back off to Tassie at the weekend for another locum stay - I miss them already �� Luckily it's only for a few months - hoping we might make a trip down there ourselves to visit, I have never been but always wanted to!

Hit up the Three Chimneys for a cheering coffee on Saturday...

My coffee date preferred the taste of her own shoes...

If she can get her hands on the baby wipes, she will take off at top speed pulling them out and throwing them everywhere 

Fun game for Evie, not so much for Mum ��

Looking far too grown up in her Escada dress, heading out for a Balinese feast Saturday night!

Sunday, we tried out the new eatery Two Doors Up for brunch...

Our meals were really nice (good price too!), but I hatehatehate when they butter the toast for you! Not everyone likes butter, and they always put too much on. In this instance, the meal itself was quite rich, and the buttered toast was just too much. Lesson learnt to ask for no butter next time!

Because it's just not a Sunday without a Bunnings run...

Very much taken with this little drop of late! Very drinkable and a good price point

V has been working ridiculously hard of late, I'm talking 15hour+ days! That's what happens when an idiot P-plater takes out a pole carrying a communications array - phone and internet down, and seriously panic to get it working again. Drive safely people, my husband has to fix your fuck ups! Hahahaha
He is off again this week in rural NSW, hoping it's an easy job and we see him again on the weekend

Wishing you all a lovely week!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Have been staring at the screen trying to think of something profound to write. About the bloodshed and sorrow in Gaza. About the tragedy of that plane. All those lives lost. All those children. I really cannot do it any justice with my scratchings. I will be hugging my little girl close tonight.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

not-so-wordless wednesday...

Oy, is everyone #timcahilling today? I can't say I am quite dedicated (read:crazy) enough to be getting up at 2am to catch the World Cup games live, but I am watching the highlights and replays and wow, Brazil, what happened? Those first 25 minutes were unbelievable! 

Nice little snap taken by V from the top of the tower he just finished building down Goulburn way - gorgeous view but absolutely freezing apparently!

Speaking of the man, he has been working night shifts this week - while this involves sleeping during the mornings, he has been up and about late afternoons and Evie has just been so chuffed to see her darling dada during the week! (I've been hard pressed to keep her away from him while he sleeps actually, she has taken to banging on the bedroom door and yelling DAD! hahahaha)

This week marks my third week back taking Pilates classes (barre class to be specific!), and I am LOVING it! It feels ohmygosh amazing. And E seems to be enjoying her regular Monday morning play date with her nana

My latest ultimate breakfast obsession - rye toast, avocado and bacon! Perfect for sharing with the small one (well, save for the bacon of course!)

Being indoctrinated into the Big Red car cult with her cousin ��

Have been frequenting a brand new cafe spot that has opened in Keiraville, absolutely amazing coffee and the food is good and very well priced. Plus some of the best service I've seen in a while!

Adores her books! "Reads" to us all the time hahahaha

"Why aren't we moving?"

"I think I'll just rest my head here for a second and zzzzz...." ��

In other news of great hilarity - we came home from dinner on Sunday night to find half a paper bag in the living room, the other half mysteriously vanished... Only to be discovered when I found a very sadfaced Jade in the bedroom. I actually laughed for about fifteen minutes. This is usually boofhead Jasper's trick!

It was so brilliantly sunny today (albeit chill!), that we wrapped up super warm and headed to the beach for a walk and a nice hot coffee 

My coffee date - enjoying her new warm, cosy pram liner ��

I am off to get the washing in before the tiny one awakes, and maybe a cup of mint tea might feature in there somewhere too! I hope the week is being kind to you all! Commiserations Brazil!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

temper, temper...

A reader asked me a question last week about how I keep my inner hothead In check (in reference to my red hair I presume).

I always joke that, whilst I may not be a natural redhead, I have a redhead's typical quick temper. I do consider myself to be somewhat hotheaded. I can be snappy. I like a good argument. I can get ragey at inanimate objects and swear far too easily. I do cool down quickly - have never been one to hold a grudge or sulk (I hate a sulker!) Far better to blow off some steam and get it out of your system than glower and fume for days, I've always said. I have been told I am the perfect balance of sweetness and fire.

But then this bizarre change occurred. When I fell pregnant with E, the most incredible sense of zen pervaded my life. I just became really, really chilled out. Cliche it may be, but this feeling that the little trivial things, the daily irritating crap, wasn't really important. I had bigger, more important things to worry about. An ever-so-slight slight priority shift that brought with it the unexpected side-effect of a calmer me.

As my pregnancy progressed, I became increasingly aware of the reality of my girl's impending arrival, and how my quick temper could factor into it all. I would soon be the primary carer for a tiny, helpless little mini-human. Not only would she rely on me for everything, she would learn from me, model her behavior on mine. Did I want to bring up my baby to think it was normal to yell or swear in frustration? Wouldn't I prefer for her to see me smiling, than frowning? And we all know how lack of sleep can cause a temper to stretch and fray. I knew I needed to be on my guard against this, from day one.

And so I have been making a conscious, concerted effort, ever since the kiddo arrived - to take life lightly, and not allow myself to become angry in haste. To let the little things go, and to laugh instead of crying. To quite literally count to ten if I felt that anger rise.

So far, it seems to be working. I guess in that respect, you could say she has changed me for the better.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

halfway through...

This week has felt kind of long - I can't believe it's only Wednesday! Combination of V being away for work, and school holidays meaning none of our usual daytime "actives" are on, so Evie and I have been having to make our own fun! 

We are fairly easily amused!

It is so, so ridiculously exciting to watch our new home going up in the nextdoor block!

Poor V must be eternally frustrated by me texting him "updates" - like, oh there are three big digger looking machines and a truck next door! They're digging trenches and then putting these wooden posts all around. I mean, I don't know the actual real names - I think that's fairly descriptive �� Hopefully he gets a chance to have a recce during daylight hours and can actually explain to ME what they are doing hahahaha (apparently the steel cage thingies are "rio"?)

Speaking of V, he managed to swing by on Sunday for the afternoon/night before heading off again Monday morning - no rest for the wicked though, as you can see!

Woke up on Tuesday to an almost $1,500 mobile phone bill �� Thank Christ it was a mistake at their end, thanks to Optus for fixing it all up!

Some slightly mad hair had necessitated a trim this week( for both of us, truth be told!) Kid's got static in the attic here!

Actually having rather a good hair day myself, rare as that is! This new shorter 'do is certainly easier to style of a mornig (read: wash and don't brush hahahaha)

Treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at lee&me afterwards...

Someone had a lot of fun yesterday tickling the ivories at her grandparents' house!

Headed to the beach this morning with my main girl for some mothers group action...

Always has all the toys 

Yes, this looks safe...

Pic courtesy of Olivia Palermo blog

Did anyone else die a little bit when they saw Olivia's wedding photos? Just love the blue Manolos, a touch of Carrie ❤️ 

Happy hump-day to you all!