Tuesday, October 14, 2014

making time for me...

"Relentless" is the best word I have heard used to describe parenthood. It doesn't imply hard times per se - and E is an extremely happy, easy kiddo. But from the time she wakes, to the time she snuggles down for the night in her cot, it is fairly constant. Naptimes aside, there aren't many moments of relaxation! Not much spare time to devote to myself.

You all know I'm not into matyrdom - and I don't believe that being a mother must necessarily come at the expense of all else in your life. So I make a conscious, concerted effort to take time for myself whenever it offers.

On that note, I recently headed out for a day with a girlfriend, for some actual and spiritual refreshment - absolutely loved the Dream, so good! And so good to get out and talk and laugh with a lovely person, and be me again, just Cate, not Mum. (Although I won't lie, I missed my girl when I went to pick her up from my parents!)

Here's to more oases in the sometimes-storm of parenthood.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

random ramblings...

Hola! Another wonderful week - so glad school holidays are finally over, there is NOTHING on during school holidays for teeny humans. No library, no music, niente! Boo to that.

My gorgeous aunty has been over this week from New Zealand, with her family - so lovely to catch up! It's been a year since we last saw her. Lots of coffee and shopping, and BBQs, and vino heh

Treated myself to lunch at lee&me last Friday while the kiddo was at daycare - having two hands and no distractions really added to my level of appreciation of this vege burger with chips!

Grabbed this cute little wooden cloud from my local Kikki-K on sale - how I love saying that, my local Kikki-k hahaha Same as my local Country Road, Mimco and Trenery - woot for developments in Wollongong! 

V has headed off for another fortnight for work - mounting a telco array on a tower such as this one...

Is it any wonder our daughter is a climber? ��

Loves her uncle P beyond all measure...

Meet my stalker balloon - likes to follow me around the house at night. I tie him to a chair at night for fear of waking up to him hovering over my bed ��

Cleared out most of the tiny one's outgrow clothes, boxes worth - gave most away, sold a few key gems on eBay. And kept a hanful of special pieces - nostalgia is not minimalism's friend!

My cat likes to hide in boxes...

In seasonal news, I have volunteered to organise the Vogue Australia KK gift exchange this year - given I am not back at work, and I lurve all things Christmas, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Possibly I am insane hahahaha we shall see, cross your fingers and toes I don't mess it all up!

Is it wrong to start planning (maybe even shopping) for Christmas, in October? Just stocking fillers of course. And V's gift. And some cards. I need help!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We recently had some photos taken by the extremely talented, extremely lovely Heidi Boardman. To say we are thrilled with the images would be an understatement!

Here are just a very few of my favorites...

Cannot recommend Heidi enough for anyone in Sydney or south of!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

sunday sessions...

Well, a fun and sunny Sunday was had by all in the household this weekend! V is away in Wyalong for work still, and my parents have just flown to NZ, so E and I were flying somewhat solo - lucky she's such good company

We had a 9am meeting with the developer to go through the colour schemes for our new apartment, as well as some optional extras like ducted aircon. Anyone have thoughts on this? We are both pretty firmly set on getting it - but not sure of the quote that the builder has provided

After all that hard work, we treated ourselves to coffee and babychinos...

Before a play at the park 

My little bunny, enjoying the sunshine ☀️

I can't quite believe that Christmas is just around the corner! I'm really looking forward to this year - we have lots of international family and guests coming, and I hope that E will have a better understanding of the whole concept this year. Exciting! Who wants to bet she cries in her Santa photos this year? ��

Hope the weekend was kind to you all

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

all about evie...

Lately we have been...

Enjoying babychinos...

Starting daycare...

Celebrating a round of first birthdays with our lovely mothers group buddies...

Playing with birthday gifts...

Spending a wonderful Father's Day with this one's favourite person...

It really has been All About Evie! Starting daycare has been a big change - the tiny one has taken to it well it would seem. She has always been an independent little creature, and this whole venture seems right up her alley. 

Although I am not returning to work until next February, I'm glad we are having this slow easing-in period - more for my own sense of self, rediscovering who I am as an individual, not just as Mum. I am someone who is generally quite resistant to change, but this whole parenthood thing has really helped me to relax and ease up a bit - here's to the next chapter!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

fit for a princess...

The nursery has been a work in progress - I love to rearrange it, move things around, V finds it hilarious (it was worse when I was pregnant and nesting!) And I have had so much fun this past week incorporating all of the lovely birthday presents!

Evie-girl received some truly beautiful and unique gifts - I certainly have girlfriends with amazing taste...

My old Ted retains his key place on top of the bureau - the kiddo adores him, but doesn't get to play with him much unfortunately as he is extremely fragile, and "gentle" is a relatively new word in Evie's vocabulary...

Backpack from Country Road
"Wild Thing" crown from Hubble&Duke
Collette Dinnigan for Target tutu
Target Slipper chair

Absolutely adore the cot!

Gorgeous Maileg bunny was a gift from a family friend
The Hans Christian Anderson fairytales were mine, from a Danish friend
My parents bought Evie the marionette from Poland, the week after she was born!

My lovely sister gave me these two prints from Tassie at my baby shower - apparently one of them bears a freakish resemblance to me! 
The felt ball garland is by Felt Foxes.
V picked the owls from the Canberra Bus Depot markets when I was pregnant. The colours aren't "right" but I adore them, and that he went out and found them for our wee girl ❤️

Very much looking forward to doing her "proper" room once our place is complete!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

in absentia...

Salutations and hello! Yes, I am still alive - just, sometimes it feels haha

We have had a lot going on lately - life has been wonderfully busy and fun, but we have also had a rather stressful, negative incident to deal with, I won't bore you with the specifics. We are all well and healthy, happy as a family as always - and we will bumble our way through this, with the help of the experts. But it's taken up rather a lot of time and headspace. But it's in the hands of the gods now, and no point worrying about what cannot be controlled.

V has been working away during the week a fair bit, luckily he is often at a site that is driving distance for the kiddo and I. The other week, we drove to Orange to spend a few nights, we had a blast!

Having way too much fun at the Orange mall...

Coffee and furry new friends at Bills Beans...

Dinner at the impeccable Rocking Horse lounge - someone was rather taken with the titular horse!

Some sustenance grabbed at 2337 at Glenwood on the drive home

Evie turned out to be a champion traveller, and slept, read and played the entire way. Gives me confidence to venture further afield next time!

My sister and her family came up from Tassie for E's birthday party. It was such a lovely thing for them to come all the way, and so amazing to catch up. They are there until November and we miss them like crazy! Need to get ourselves down there for a mini-break I think...

Cousin love ❤️

We have been attending the round of mothers group first birthday parties, and loving it! My daughter has received more social invites than I have this year!

Father's Day brunch with Totoro...

I remember promising a nursery tour over a year ago now, before Evie arrived, and I have yet to deliver! It's been a work in progress and I am rather obsessed with rearranging it, much to V's great amusement. I promise some photos during the week!

A little taste...

Thanks to all who are still reading, for your patience, and kind messages. Here's to a good week, month, rest of the year!