Monday, February 1, 2016

let me count the ways...

How much I love my new kitchen! It's one of my favourite parts of the apartment. And I'm sure all my friends with laaaarge kitchens in large houses will laugh at me, but it is seriously a big kitchen to me! Compared with what I'm used to heh and for an apartment, definitely.

Husbo got all creative and put diffused LED lighting strips as downlights under all the cupboards - he likes to annoy me by switching it to disco colour change version 

LOVE my oven! It has a fancy pants child lock and doesn't get hot to the touch!

I always swore I would never pollute my fridge with kiddy artworks, whoops

I have 360 visibility from the sink/bench - including right out the sliding doors and to the balcony, meaning E can be outside riding her scooter or playing and I can still supervise 

And with V being home for meals, I've really relished getting stuck into lots of cooking and baking in our new place!

Oh and cocktail prep of course haha

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend - I recommend a mojito

Friday, January 29, 2016

rainshowers and champers...

Hello! Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post

It does feel nice to be sitting down and blogging again! I am setting myself a resolution to do it regularly (also - get to ballet class again!) 

I went into work for a half day today - how wonderful to actually look forward to this as something enjoyable! Did I mention I love my new job? I wouldn't normally be so diligent but after loosing a whole day on Tuesday, and have a talk to give to a roomful of new cadets next week, had me eager to be on top of it all.

The epic storm that was predicted wasn't quite as epic as I had hoped. We have an amazing aspect for storm-watching here - at least we got to see some fairly spectacular lightning at one point!

The weather called for some cubby house building in the afternoon...

And chicken soup for one rather under-the-weather little button.

Our new armchair finally arrived today, hallelujah! It fits perfectly, just as I imagined. Naturally, I'm already dreaming of my next interior essential haha

Happy Friday lovelies

Thursday, January 28, 2016

back in the saddle...

I don't quite know how to begin, after so long away from it. To say I feel rusty would be an understatement!

We remain in love with our new home - cannot believe it has been almost 6 months since we settled on our own dream apartment and moved in. I've never felt so at home.

Christmas was just - well, you know? Amazing...

And here we are, almost a month into 2016 and I'm still having to catch my breath and stop my head from spinning. So many wonderful changes. A new little nephew. A new job! And a little girl who is so bright and funny and brilliantly shiny. My little star. I'm excited for what the rest of this year will bring!

Stay tuned for many more posts, promise

Sunday, October 18, 2015


What a weekend we have had!

New hair! Short - loving it

And salad feasts

Beach visits...

And fish and chips for tea


And craft time (Christmas themed, getting in early)

Coffee, always.

Happy weekend 

Friday, October 16, 2015

home sweet home...

You know it's been awhile when your family start checking up on you haha So this is motivated by my lovely sister!

The absence has been due to the recent completion and settlement of our long-awaited off-the-plan unit, and the move. It was just epic. As first home buyers, the process was utterly foreign (and off the plan lends an added element of the unknown!) Thank god for a good legal team and an amazing lending manager at our chosen bank.

Here is a brief catch-up on the past few months in our new place!

From the chaos of moving, and packing boxes up the wahoo...

To waking up that first morning in our own, actual place. Magic.

And parents who come over to help, and bring bubbles! <3

This room is far and away my favourite place, love hanging out in here with the tiny person.

The outdoor area does come a pretty close second, especially in the early evening with an amazing sunset, or first thing in the morning.

Watching your humans move house is exhausting!

We were pretty sensible but did treat ourselves to a couple of new furniture items - couch fans beware, our catscratched leather "beauty" is being replaced in the coming weeks haha

Christened the place a few weeks back with some good friends and their little people...

Speaking of - this one has settled in really nicely. After the first week of asking us to "go home, not the new house!" she is completely at home here (although she does still refer to it as the new house, which I suppose it is). Helps that we didn't move far, just up the road. There is much more space here for her, and she loves riding her scooter around the outdoor patio area. 

We have been blessed with some truly amazing neighbours, including our across the hall neighbour who I went to school with! In a nutshell, we are very happy here. I love having my own space, that's really mine, to do whatever I want with (strata permission pending for some areas heh)

Promise to be back sooner rather than later!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

weekly recap...

What a week it has been! So much happening...

This one started ballet classes. To say she loves it would be somewhat of an understatement.

Speaking of dance - mum and I had a night out together seeing Bangarra Dance Company. So much talent on one stage.

E had a bit of a mishap on Friday morning - honestly thought she had broken her wrist. She is fine, thank goodness. Cake helped make everything better.

In far more pleasant news, our finances have been approved and arranged with the bank! Happy dance! We have a pre settlement inspection in a few weeks, who knows, we may be in our new home around about E's birthday!

Celebrated a lovely friend's birthday on Saturday night...

And indulged myself at High Tea with some other lovely ladies on Sunday. A veritable whirl of gaiety!

I had plans to go to the library this afternoon, but the small one is taking an unprecedented long nap (2 hours and counting!), and it's getting cold and windy out there. I'm thinking an afternoon in may be called for.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

aiming for sartorial simplicity...

I have recently jumped on the bandwagon and have been working on a capsule wardrobe for myself. I see some bloggers who use this as an opportunity to identify perceived "gaps" in their wardrobe, and purchase new items to fill those gaps. I wanted to stick with what I already had, and not purchase a single new item. So far, I have stuck to that, and haven't shopped for clothes in, oh, longer than I can recall!

I have kept my work wardrobe separate, as I dress in corporate wear for work (although my work wardrobe has always been fairly minimal). I also have seen some bloggers who have seasonal capsule wardrobes. I love the idea of this, but it wouldn't work on a practical note due to storage space in our current unit.

Here are the results so far...

All of my tops/shirts and cardigans - I feel there are probably still too many items here (4 striped tops???) but I just can't pare it back any further at this point.

Pants (not including jeans, which are folded), skirts and jackets.

Dresses! I had faaaar too many dresses, ridiculous. I now have one formal navy dress suitable for black-tie events; my trusty Nicola Finetti LBD; fun yellow cocktail dress; and a couple of blush or cream semi-casual dresses. Eight in total. Definitely happy with that.

My knits are folded in a drawer and total half a dozen. Happy with that also! Shoes I am really struggling with - I have it down to about 15 pairs at the moment. Maybe I should offload my beloved floral Doc Martens, which I rarely wear, but love soooo much. Decisions.

It's still a work in progress. I think I enjoy culling my wardrobe a little too much and will need to stop myself at some point haha

Have any of you got a capsule type situation going on? Aiming for one? Would love to hear your stories of how it's working for you!