Friday, June 26, 2015

after a not-so-brief hiatus...

Howdy! Long time, no blog! My apologies. We've had a hectic few weeks, culminating in E being unwell last week and having to stay home from daycare. So blessed to have parents around to help out! By the end of the week of quarantine she (and I) were both climbing the walls.

Anyway, let me catch you up...

Managed a flying visit to the Highlands with mum for some essentials - replacing my beloved French coffee press that recently died, plus a trip to Gumnut bakery for the best pies and eclairs, then Harris Farm on the way home. (Seriously, why can they not open a Harris Farm in my neck of the woods!)

As always, loving winter dressing sick...

And morning cuddles in bed with this one.

We celebrated my birthday. V's workmates made me cards. Hilarious and so adorable.

I received a waffle iron. It is amazing. Like, angels from heaven singing Beyoncé amazing.

So much win.

This little guy accompanied me to work last Tuesday. He seemed quite comfortable at my keyboard.

Ahahahaha I have not missed the old Furzer tables! Maths and I have a love/hate relationship.

Saturday mornings are always MY time - V gets up with the kiddo and they make pancakes, then head out swimming and to the park. Leaving me lots of blissful time for... cleaning and laundry hahahaha And hot coffee and enjoying this winter sunshine.

Definitely top notch laundry weather here today!

Hope winter has been treating you all well, and those of you with kiddos have been avoiding the daycare plague!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

mummy days...

I have been missing my little shadow so so badly when I'm at work lately. Like a constant ache. Work is interesting and engaging and socially a whole lot of fun - but I am just hating being away from her at the moment. Perhaps it's because she's developing in leaps and bounds lately? Starting to speak in sentences, her unique little character and quirks really starting to become obvious.

The time I spend with her, is my best time...


Friday, June 5, 2015

hazy shade of winter...

The first day of winter certainly hit with a blast of frosty air! We have been running the oil heater in Evie's room, layering up in our cosiest knits, and just generally settling in to enjoy the cold weather.

This Witchery Coatigan has been worth it's weight in gold as the chill really sets in - it's somewhat akin to wearing a blanket hahaha

It has most definitely be slow-cooker weather, and ours has been getting a real workout!

Chicken cacciatore...

Kashmiri lamb korma...

Winter is birthday season in my family. This week, we celebrate my mum, sister and brother, then me in a fortnight. 

I don't understand how Coles can be selling roses in winter for only $10 a bunch, but I'm not complaining! 

We bumped into a neighbour-to-be at the new property flying a drone-mounted camera to take photos of his new apartment - he was kind enough to send us a few awesome aerial shots. The scaffolding is almost all down now and it's looking so fantastic!

We have been getting right into the interiors magazines, so many ideas for the new place! Some would say it's a fairly generic space, but I love that it's all white and neutral, it's a real blank canvas for us to personalise, and I cannot wait!

I'm currently making the most of the bright winter sun and the wind to get a week's worth of laundry done. Winner!

Hope the weekend is good to you all - stay cosy!

Monday, May 25, 2015

discovery day...

We headed over to the Uni at the weekend, to check out the new Early Start Discovery centre. Oh my goodness, so freaking excited this has been opened here, it was amaaaazing!

Finally got to push the shopping trolley - life's ambition ticked off hahahaha

Dress the kiddos in play clothes because there are awesome messy crafts to be had!

Some of the installations were clearly geared for older kids - my 3 year old niece adored the Cave (complete with torches and little animals) and the Shipyard.

Lovely outdoor area (totally fenced - winning!) with water play tables and pumps, even a sunscreen station!

Free fruit for the kiddos and half price coffee at the cafe for parents - two big thumbs up.

It's not cheap, at $15/person including children. We ended up buying an annual pass for $90 for E and I, and they deducted the cost of our tickets from the membership which we thought was fantastic.

We will absolutely head back again next weekend. Will be a real winner on a rainy winters day!

Friday, May 22, 2015

this week...

Another week gone, in a flash it seems. We are hurtling towards our New Zealand holiday, and E's second birthday. Whilst watching your baby grow up is bittersweet, I am for the most part excited to see what the future holds.

Kept E home from daycare on Tuesday with a virus - at one point she started climbing the walls and insisting on "walk! walk!" So I bundled her into quarantine (aka her push bike) and took her out for a bit. Lifesaver. Happy to report she has made a complete recovery.

Had a spectacular start to the morning on Friday when V accidentally took my keys to work along with his own, leaving E and I essentially locked in our unit. I called our  wonderful real estate agent who brought the spare keys out, but unfortunately the electronic swipe they had wasn't working - meaning a trek down several flights of stairs plus calling on a neighbour (bless our lovely neighbours!) to let us out of the garage. Damn security buildings!

Picture me lugging one baby plus bag and baggage, in the rain - it wasn't funny at the time so much, but I can laugh now.

Subsequently, a minor cheer-up session was in order...

One very sheepish husband arrived home bearing these beauties - all is forgiven. It made for a good story! haha

Weekend mornings these days involve blissful sleep ins (bless this child's heart!), then many many stories in bed - Mirabelle the French bulldog is a favourite here!

V and the kiddo are out swimming so I am taking the opportunity to down a hot coffee and do some pointe prep work - pipedream perhaps, but we all need those in our lives.

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

in the middle, somewhat elevated...

Happy Sunday, lovely readers! It's been a distinctly up-and-down week. Such is life I suppose.

A few hours at the hairdresser on Friday, and I am noticeably blonder, a real strawberry blonde, which I am thrilled with (not too dramatic to scare the beejebus out of the kiddo either, winner.) The idea is to progressively return to my natural shade of dark blonde - it's been fun being a redhead these past 7 years or so, but I'm up for a change, and a return to my roots (pardon the pun!)

Saturday morning we headed into our local Aldi (side note - I have to shop there more often!) to take advantage of their snow gear sale for E. She is now all kitted out for our New Zealand snow holiday! (Couch fans, you will note that the offending piece of furniture is not featured in this shot, so you'll just have to use your imagination I'm afraid.)

After the Aldi madness, we headed to the Fete at my old school, with my sister and niece. These two seriously just make me melt - wanting to murder each other half the time, but just so in love. Aren't cousins the best? 

The kiddo picked out a succulent in an eggshell from the plant stall. Also, a plastic gingerbread man toy (from Shrek we think), as she is obsessed with the Gingerbread Man story lately, so that was a real find. (Huh I have progressed from depressing balcony photos to even more depressing next door fence shots! hahahaha)

V has taken E for a swim (after letting me have a sleep-in while he made pancakes no less!), so I am currently enjoying a hot coffee and some meal planning.

I hope the weekend has been kind to you all!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

mothers day and other ramblings...

My second Mother's Day was so lovely. My parents are in Japan so I had to defer celebrating my own mum sadly, for the first time ever that I can recall.

Kicked off with the whole family in bed - cuddles and a cup of tea for me (two actually, E brought me one from her tin tea set, bless!)

Breakfast out at Dagwoods, pancake perfection! Amazed we snagged a table as apparently the entire rest of the world but us had thought to book ahead oops. All up, a really lovely morning with my two favourite people.

Hasn't it just been the best soup weather lately? Chicken and vegetable is a winner with the kiddo (roast pumpkin and garlic was also, mmm almost had to fight me for that one haha)

Behold, the world's sexiest, flashiest second-hand leather couch! (for all the diehard couch fanatics hahahhahaha) And the reason we will NOT be investing in any leather furnishings in our new place. 

It's so exciting to think about our own place being almost finished. We are being very sensible; we have most of the furniture items we would need, and most in good condition, but we will be picking out a new dining table/chairs and couch. Sadly all furniture choices are dictated by the rigours of kiddo and cats :-/ Such is life, I would rather them and boring furniture than the other way around! Any recommendations for good places to shop?

How spectacular is the sky right now? Definitely about to see one heck of a storm (yay!) Better rush and get the washing off the line (not so yay).

Here's to bunkering down to weather the cold. Soup?