Monday, April 18, 2016

weekend slow-down

The weekend has already been and gone, so I'm a bit slow off the mark - in my defence it's been flat out around the traps lately.

The tone for our weekends easing into the cooler weather has been slow and laid-back, just what we need with so much happening in the week.

This one is at an age where she is happy to play independently, but moreso lately she wants interactive play whether that be with her little buddies at daycare or mothers group, or with V and I. It's quite sweet, and certainly no skin off my nose sitting around in my jammies with a cuppa on a chilly Saturday morning. 

V has been working night shifts 6 nights a week, with Saturday the one night he doesn't work, so we took advantage of this and went out for Japanese for tea...

Meaning that the chicken I had in the fridge needed to be cooked the following day. Rather than roast it for just Evie and I, I decided to make it for Sunday lunch. It was rather well received by husband and child! hehe

Leftovers were turned into a slow cooked soup for our dinners - 11/10.

It was otherwise an uneventful weekend, which I rather like. V has been sleeping during the day of course, so Evie and I made a blanket nest and read her Brambly Hedge books...

And baked gingerbread with lemon icing.

Rounded out with a quiet Sunday evening of newspaper reading for mum and toys for bub, with the sun going down early and in spectacular fashion over our courtyard.

Here's to taking it slow, and enjoying every moment 

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