Saturday, September 19, 2009

all cats are grey at night

Like writing on the first page of a brand-new diary, I am finding this difficult - intimidating even. I have been sitting here for fifteen minutes staring blankly at my screen, trying to think of something profound to write, hoping for inspiration to hit... sadly to no avail. So I am going to write about how this blog came into existence.

For months now I have been reading the amazing blog-work of some amazing people out there in blog-land. And besides being wildly enthused by (and slightly jealous of) their work, I have been yearning to start a blog of my own, my own little piece of prettiness and personalised space on the web.

I hope this will be a place for me to record my chaotic and rambling thoughts and sweet little daily musings, somewhere I can share what inspires, motivates and astounds me, "someone" to listen when I feel I can't really talk to anyone else. I want it to reflect my style, and inspire me to develop further. I hope it will give me clarity when I am foggy, and help me focus when I feel fuzzy round the edges.

Anyway, this is post #1 of day #1 of this blog - who knows what the future holds?


  1. welcome to Blogland! hope you'll find your stay here enriching in every way. :)

  2. looking forward to your posts!
    from vogue land

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! I'm so excited that you decided to start one :) Looking forward to outfit/style posts.

  4. Thanks guys! I feel so welcome :)
    Hopefully the fashion/style does not disappoint!