Friday, October 23, 2009

artworks and coffee...

I couldn't bear to stay inside today, on such a gorgeous, sunshine-y Saturday. We decided to head to the local art gallery to catch a visiting collection of artworks, then on for coffee afterwards...

The local city gallery, despite its relatively tiny size, gets some fairly amazing traveling collections, which is just fantastic.

The collection is "Zhongjian: Midway", a series of artworks investigating notions of identity, tradition and globalisation, by fifteen contemporary artists with varying connections to China.

It was far too beautiful a day to stay indoors - we wanted to be out in the sunshine, listening to the birds chirping up in the trees, enjoying the fresh breeze gently touching our faces.

A seat on the balcony of a local cafe, with a handsome husband sitting opposite me, and several mugs of campos coffee - my idea of the perfect afternoon...

I've always loved these fountains, as a child, and even now as an adult - there's something so refreshing about the sight and sound of rushing water on a hot day.

Was tempted to paddle a bit, but refrained.

 Shirt by Country Road
 Shorts by Alice in the Eve
 Necklace from etsy
 Sunglasses by Oroton

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