Thursday, October 1, 2009

mink pink in da house!

My house that is - yes, my delivery arrived, and so quickly!!! Very impressed with the service, and so excited to receive my lovely new clothes!

♥ Mink Pink "Chantelle" skirt
♥ Shirt by Supre
♥ Brooch by Fuzzy Designs
♥ Stilettos by Tony Bianco

♥ Mink Pink "Coming up Roses" dress
♥ Cardigan by Country Road
♥ Stilettos by Tony Bianco


  1. Woo I have that dress too and love it! It's so easy and versatile :) You look lovely x Sushi

  2. Thanks hun! I thought I might have seen it on your blog! :")
    Its already my fave dress

  3. Hey I love how you love Mink Pink! I need more of the label - might need to check out About A Girl!

    Today I went to a large op shop (Savers) to buy part of a costume and bought that and a brand new Mink Pink floral skirt with pockets. Both for $10.40!