Tuesday, October 13, 2009

right now I'm loving...

My current top 3 favourite things:

Kiehls tinted lipbalm (hue 588). This is the nicest, glossiest, cherry-red gloss I've ever found. I only tried it recently and I am officially a convert! I love the look of red lips, but am not quite game enough to wear a full-on red lipstick. This gloss is the perfect compromise - nice and deep in colour, but with the lightness and sheerness of a gloss.

Sebastian Trilliant thermal protecting spray. The guys at Sebastian outdid themselves with this one! It protects my hair from the ravages of my ghd (and stops my colour fading!) without being icky or gross or making my hair feel dirty, it smells amazing, and best of all.... it is shimmery! Not in a tacky, sparkly, visible glitter, just a subtle, light, gorgeous shimmer that makes my hair catch the light and glow. Love.

Chai! Made with honey and soymilk on my stovetop. My current after-dinner obsession.

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