Tuesday, October 27, 2009

who let the cat out of the bag?

Little Jasper - my baby boy.

I have to cut the rope handles on any paper bags I give him to play with, because he gets them stuck round his neck - is this similar to putting a cork on a fork?

He is a purebred British Blue Shorthair. Special boy.


  1. Mawww, he is super cute. Suits his name.

  2. Lila From Vogue ForumsOctober 27, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    He is sooo cute!

    I am so fond of this breed of cat as my aunt and uncle have two British shorthairs and I adore them, I'm not even a cat person as cat fur usually flares up my allergies, however these cats don't!

    So Gorgeous!

  3. Yeah they are quite good for allergy sufferers, having such a short coat. They really are lovely cats, they have the most amazing personalities. I'm positive Jasper thinks he is a human :)

    Ames, he was named for the lovely deep jasper colour of his eyes - my other cat is Jade for her jade-green eyes :)

    He is my big, furry bubby. Everytime I see him I have to pick him up and squidge him in a cuddle!

  4. Aw Cate he is just gorgeous! <3

  5. Hehe, thanks aelie, he knows it too - "look how cute I am, give me your dinner!" It works too, every time!

  6. We have to cut the handle on paper bags for our kitty too! We learnt the hard way, I came home from work one day and found her cowering in a corner with the paper bag handle stuck around her tummy.
    Cute kitty btw!

  7. Hehe Jasper once got a paper bag stuck round his neck, and it had two bottles of shampoo in it - he was running round the house like a crazy thing because it was "chasing" him. I had to pin him down and get it off - and felt so bad for laughing :)

  8. We have two Brits - a male silver spot tabby and a female blue. They are fabulous cats. Jasper is gorgeous!