Thursday, November 5, 2009

by the hour - my day in pictures

I found this concept courtesy of Rebecca at The Clothes Horse (I believe it is originally from another blogger whose name escapes me right now). The idea is that you record an entire day in pictures, by taking a photo every hour. I absolutely love this idea, and thought I would give it a try.

So this is one picture from each hour of my Friday...

6:00am - Feeding the cats (even on my day off I can never sleep in!).

7:00am - Breakfast (blueberry muffin and coffee) at lee&me.

8:00am - Dentist appointment.

9:00am - Market day.

10:00am - Power is out, ringing the energy company.

11:00am - Watched a spider weaving its web.

12:00pm - Getting ready for a job interview.

2:00pm - Chilling out with coffee and the latest Russh magazine.

3:00pm - Cloud-gazing.

4:00pm - Apple snack.

5:00pm - Playing with Jasper.

6:00pm - Updating blog.

7:00pm - Salad to go with dinner.

8:00pm - Gorgeous sunset.

G'night! x


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it. x

  3. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your day with us :)

  4. There used to be a community on livejournal dedicated to 'a day in my life' posts. I was obsessed with it, it's so interesting to see how people spend their days elsewhere. I've been thinking about making a post about a day in my life as well..

  5. Madelene you should do one! Your photos are so amazing, I'd love to see a "day in the life" of yours. x

  6. wow I can't believe you went to bed at 8pm


    love it kitty kat


  7. Haha cheeky Wen, I was watching Midsomer Murders from 8:30pm but didn't think that would make a particularly good photo :P

  8. Gorgeous cats - I eventually got my dog to wake me for breakfast at 8:30am, which was much better than when he would orignally wake me at 5:30am - still, sometimes I ask him on saturday night if he could please sleep in until 9am Sunday, sometimes, he actually does.