Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas day...

Christmas day - such a lovely day! Plenty of good food and wine, and fun times with family and friends.

Beautiful, beautiful gift from my husband - sterling silver key necklace from Kerry Rocks in Paddington. It looks just like an antique archive key and makes me feel like Mary from the Secret Garden.

Mmmm pink Moet - I think all Christmas drinks should be pink and bubbly, don't you agree?

Best. Gift. Ever. Way to keep the husband intrigued and irritated by turns.

My sister embarking on the mammoth task of un-moulding the mangomisu (mango tiramisu) she has created.

Clearly operation mangomisu was a raging success - sooooo yummy.

Happy holidays to all in blogland!

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  1. The Tarepanda toys are from Morning Glory. Hope there's one near you too :) x Sushi