Monday, January 4, 2010

beautifying and shopping my closet...

Inspired by the beautiful interiors, and specifically wardrobe shots, over at tsilli's beautiful blog, I spent some time this week organising, beautifying and, most importantly, colour-coding my wardrobe. I am so pleased with the results!

I am a huge fan of soft blush pinks, neutral beiges and shades of cream and white.

Everything looks so much prettier now that my clothes are sorted according to colour - I love the way these beautiful shades look next to each other.

Beautifying my closet had an added bonus I had not anticipated - I discovered numerous items of clothing which I had quite literally forgotten I even owned. I love the concept of shopping in one's own closet - all the thrill of 'buying' new items, without any of the attendant buyers' remorse. I managed to find 5 pieces of clothing that I have not worn in more than 6 months, and that I had forgotten all about...

This blush pink gauzy top from Portmans (purchased aeons ago, before Portmas went trashy!)

The cutest little pink-and-white candy striped Bracewell ra-ra skirt...

A beautifully-toned shirt from M-One-11. The colours in this are so gorgeous, and the rose pattern, I am so ashamed of myself for having forgotten about it!

My sass&bide sky blue altamount tee. For some reason I have so much trouble styling this shirt, I usually just wear it with skinny jeans, hence it having gotten lost in my summer wardrobe.

This Country Road skirt is actually navy with a pale grey stripe, despite looking black in the photo.

I am going to make it my personal challenge this month to get some serious wear out of these items of clothing, and work them into as many outfits as possible. I am so excited with these 5 fabulous finds, I really do feel as though I've just purchased 5 new items of clothing, at zero cost.

Any suggestions on how I should style these items of clothing? How you would style them yourself? And have any of you been shopping in your closets lately - find any gems?


  1. the sass&bide sky blue altamount tee is so great! swich the skinny jeans with some skinne simple leather pants and some heavy black boots and you will look rocking in a second !

  2. I love the colours in your wardrobe, they are so so pretty! With the sass and bide tee I think it would look cute worn with a pair of shorts and tights like you wear with other tees :)

  3. What a cool post! Love your wardrobe, and your unexpected finds! Especially love the Bracewell ra-ra skirt, so cute.

  4. I did the same thing in the weekend! It was such a mission task (especially when I pulled everything out to begin with!). I have told myself I must refrain from buying dresses for awhile, as I have so many! So yes, I certainly found things I had forgotten about.

    I really like the little candy striped skirt. So sweet.


  5. I am too scared to even look into my wardrobe and think about rearranging them. LoL!

  6. S&B Tee would look amazing with a black or grey interlock hi waist AA skirt and metallic sandals...Im so jelous of that tee! xx

  7. I love the colour coding. I am so tempted to go back to colours looks so much more attractive, currently I have everything arranged by type (dresses, jackets, tops).

  8. YOU've inspired me to do the same this coming weekend.
    I have a v long weekend - Wednesday - Australia Day and come Sunday I will give the shopping my closet thing a go.
    The blush and nude tones are very pretty.
    Thanks for sharing