Friday, January 22, 2010

feeling hot, hot, hot...

I don't cope well with Australian summers - the heat is so oppressive, and hits you like a physical blow when you walk out the door. In summer, being at work is a blessing, because its air-conditioned and cool! We don't have air-conditioning at our house, so V and I tend to spend the worst summer days either at the beach or pool, or, like today, lying round at home doing not much in particular.

These photos were taken in our living room - we tend to leave all the lights off when its this hot, and I loved how the light looked coming in gently through the curtain.

I love this Lover dress - its perfect with tights and boots in winter, but is also an absolute dream in summer, its so light and comfortable.

All will note - I am not wearing stockings! Not even I could stomach them on a day like this.

I turned the lights on for this shot, so the lovely blush shade of the dress is actually visible.

Pray for cooler weather asap in southern NSW, Australia, my lovely fellow bloggers!

 Lover dress
 Tony Bianco gladiator sandals


  1. I love the Lover dress! I remember loving it so much when it first came out but couldn't afford it! It looks very good on you!

  2. this lover dress is a dream!
    i love clothes that you can wear in summer and winter.
    especially easy dresses that you can just throw on and go.

  3. Love this Cate it's gorgeous :)

  4. I completely agree with you on the heat! It was 36degrees in Melbourne yesterday. Unbearable really :(
    Love the outfit. Sooo sweeet ♥

  5. gorgeous dress Cate. it looks great on you.

  6. Pretty dress! I love everything Lover makes. It looks like the perfect hot-weather dress to keep you cool.

  7. Right now I long for a summer ... even a super hot summer! Lovely dress - and your photos work so well by the window in that pretty light.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. So lovely!

    I should really have popped a picture of you into that post as you rock the top knot so very well!

    Now, let's do a swap - some of our rain for your heat?


  8. You look beautiful! I love the light - do you live in an apartment? You're making me nervous about the heat. David and I are going to be driving around solidly for two weeks checking out places to rent, and the worst thing you can do in summer heat is be in a car. Especially when you are in a new city and have no idea where you are. I pray for good air con!

  9. Laurel - yesterday I would have swapped you ALL of our sun, plus a million bucks, for some rain :D Thank goodness its cool today. And thank you for your lovely compliment about my hair. x

    Jen - we live in a townhouse, its actually the only one on its block, so we don't have to "share" any outdoor space thankfully. The weather is supposed to be getting better/cooler now, so hopefully we don't have any horrible hot days when you arrive. Good luck with the house-hunting btw - we should have a coffee or something once you arrive and get settled (despite living on the south coast of NSW I do work in the SYdney CBD). x

  10. You look lovely! I adore that dress and the gladiators are a nice balance to the airiness of the dress.

  11. Looks perfect for the heat, love the blush pink colour. I desperately need more dresses like that, I buy way too many polyester op shop specials that look great but are not at all good on hot days.

    ps thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. x

  12. I've been trying to find that dress since foreverrrrrrrrr!!