Saturday, April 24, 2010

winter warmers...

One of the best thing about weekends is that I get to cook yummy, complicated meals - and drink lots of wine.

Tonight we partook of a particularly nice shiraz...

Delicious pasta! The photo does not do it justice

I also baked some Anzac biscuits...

And then we ate some!

The kittycats also love weekends - we sleep in and give them lots of cuddles in the morning...

And we lay about on the lounge with them in the evening (more cuddles!)


  1. I approve highly of this weekend. I'm going to make Anzacs this morning (and will probably eat most of the dough first...)

  2. This post makes me want to come and hang out at your house, enjoy your cooking and drink wine! In a non-stalkerish, let's talk blog stuff way!! *lol


  3. Cute kitties. So beautiful.

    Re the comment on my blog - I say yes to a baby elephant! It will just mean that you will need to buy an acreage!