Friday, June 25, 2010

colour the small one...

Well, they promised us lots of rain this weekend, and so far we have been blessed with clear blue skies and reasonably mild weather. A good excuse for me to break out a minidress and short-sleeved cardigan...

V and I headed out for brunch, after sleeping in disgustingly late. In my defence, I had farewell drinks for a colleague last night, after a long and eventually successful arbitration for a client - totally knackered! Not sure what V's excuse is!

I adore this cameo brooch! Its an antique and its SO beautiful. I'd always wanted one, and a good family friend bought it for me for my 21st - he told me after that he spent months scouring antique shops to find me the perfect one, the sweetheart.

I lovelovelove my Jonathon Aston heart-print tights! Patterned tights are so much fun :)

Therese Rawsthorne ballet mini
Sporsgirl wool cardigan
Jonathon Aston heart-print tights
Tony Bianco "Naomi" wedges
Jag leather tote

Mmmmm giant cappuccino and a pile of cinnamon toast...

After brunch, we drove out to the apple orchard - the sky was so pristine and lovely!

Hello little apples on little apple trees! I love that I captured one of the magpies in the foreground of this photos, there were heaps of them playing around and foraging on the ground. Magpies are so adorable, I love them.

Nawww, weeny baby apple! How cute is this little one?

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!


  1. Gosh it must be warm there for you to be wearing short sleeves!
    I love patterned stockings too.
    I really enjoy that you take the time to dress up on the weekend, or at least, you post pics of yourself dressed up. Today I went out in a hoodie and jeans. I dress down on the weekends if I am running around doing local groceries/chemist/house things, not photoworthy.

  2. Such a cute outfit :) loving the cameo brooch!

    Certainly looks and sounds like you two had a magical day!


    Fashion from Feline Eyes

  3. Love this outfit! The TR mini is so pretty on you :) Love the cameo, what a sweetheart of a friend to look so hard for you!

  4. You lady, do the stockings dress/skirt thing so well. I'm constantly inspired by your style. Loving these photos. Sorry I haven't been around to comment for a while life has been so busy! xo

  5. Very cute outfit! I am just luffing the weather today, cold but gorgeously sunny xx

  6. this is an amaaaazing outfit! I love all of it.