Saturday, June 19, 2010

winter warmers...

Hmmm slightly the worse for wear after last night! Many, many glasses of nice French wine and champagne, and then staying up to watch the football at 12pm = a nice long sleep-in for us this morning!

When we finally ventured out for coffee, I rugged up nice and warm - comfort dressing!

Sportsgirl minidress
Supre woolly cardigan
Country Road tights
Rivers ankle boots
Sportsgirl leather tote
Oroton sunglasses
Etsy bow necklace and Sportsgirl bow ring

This is the ring that Danielle sent me for my birthday - love it!

Need. Caffeine. Lots. Of...

Returning to the world of the living...

We came home and cooked a big pot of delicious, nourishing vegetable and barley soup, just what we both needed

And of course everything looks better after a cup of tea


  1. ok so you prove you can wear black, grey and brown together. another myth debunked by KittyCate!

  2. Love your outfit! It's so pretty :) Your skin looks amazing, could you do a skin care regime post? hope you had a lovely weekend! You've inspired me to whip up a lentil/veg soup mmm

  3. Love the outfit! Your bow ring is so cute.

    x Patty

  4. I have that ring! :)
    your blog is super cute.


  5. Just wondering how much you got your rivers ankle boots for?

    I love them!