Monday, July 12, 2010

the coalface, local-style...

And so begins my second week in the local office of the Coalface (to use FauxFuchsia's phrase) - I like to refer to this office as the Wollongong Coalface, which makes me laugh because we have lots of that particular industry in this region.

I have had a reader ask me what I consider appropriate office wear, as a lawyer, that is still stylish - this is one of my absolute favourite suits. I think it is very stylish and feminine, whilst still being professional and work-appropriate. I love the tailoring and the cute little buttons and frill details.

I also love pairing a suit with a soft, unstructured top as opposed to a collared shirt.

When I was grabbing my morning coffee today on the way to work, a woman in the cafe told me she loved my suit and that it was "very Chanel" - stoked!

Review "The Waldorf" suit
Fate black ruffled top
Tony Bianco heels
White gold and diamond necklace (from local jeweller)
Tiffany&Co rings

This is one of my favourite necklaces - its the first piece of jewellery that V ever gave me and I absolutely treasure it. He had it made specially - the two halves of the heart open up and inside there is a teeny heart with "I love you" engraved on it. Nawwwwww!

The view from my window - so pretty! I love being able to see trees and greenery and a sky clear and free of city smog.

Heeey, gorgeous lady! I adore Audrey, she is my idol. My brother gave me this compact for my birthday last month, I love it so much.

Arty shot - 'scuse my messy desk in the background!


  1. Um ... cutest suit ever. You look great.

    I am so bad. I rarely wear a suit and just pop on a jacket from the back of door when I have to go to court (regardless of whether it matches my dress/skirt). I really need to starting dressing/looking more professionally (ie. wearing shoes around the office would help). I just hate wearing jackets so much.

    PS. Your desk is not messy by my standards.

  2. Love the suit! Tis very Chanel. And the white suits you very well. I think you are very brave wearing a white suit - I, for one, would be able to keep it clean for about 3 minutes. So envious!

  3. I LOVE it! I can never find any good suits in canberra, they are always so boring. This one is so chic and looks gorgeous on you! Love it!xx

  4. Yay, glad you are liking your new office - love your suit too :)

    I don't know if you ever got my email, but I was happy to do lunch :) I guess not now that you aren't in the city - but I'm happy to do a weekend if you would like. I'll wait to hear back from you :)

    I don't understand why people write such silly comments - I've been getting rather a few too lately and just delete them straight away.


  5. That is the most adorable suit ever! You look awesome. I have always had this desire for an officey type job just so I can wear pencil skirts and heels to work. I think business wear can flatter the female figure so well. x

  6. That suit is so flattering on you, I love it! Such a classic cut/style too. Your desk is nooooooot messy at all!!!!

  7. I love love this suit! The lovely lady was quite right, very chanel :) You'd do Coco proud :) Love your view, it must be such a nice change to have greenery outside. I remember working in an office in the CBD and it was so alienating not being able to see trees all week :(

  8. Gorgeous suit. You have the best style :)
    I posted my KittyCate-inspired outfit today. The wind was not making me open my eyes or smile.

  9. Great Coalface Outfit! Thanks for mentioning/hyperlinking me x

  10. You look great in that suit! The black and white contrast is very striking.

  11. I love the suit on you ever since you first showed it on your blog a while back!

    At least you are working hard in style!

  12. You look amazing in that suit! Very chic. :)

    - Dee

  13. Gorgeous suit - how good is Review stuff?! I got the Chanel comment when I got a suit from there (the Dita, it's white with black dots and the top has short sleeves) but I haven't had anywhere to wear it yet. Looking lovely :)

  14. That suit is definitely amazing - you look great in it!

  15. naww hun - you look gorgeous (as always)

    so glad you are loving working near home

    and omg how sweet is V

    can't wait to see you this weekend

    luv you lots


  16. Absolutely LOVE the suit hun! What a great buy! You have a beautiful blog here and I just have to throw in as well that you have the most gorgeous hair colour and style :)

  17. That is the loveliest suit I have ever seen. It makes me wish I'd stuck with law, or gone into any field that I could wear suits like that! Unfortunately I think if I wore something like that to work everyone would be in shock - I already feel self-conscious dressing in my 'casual' clothes!