Thursday, July 15, 2010

snippets of thursday...

Happy Thursday! As the day draws to a close, so do we draw one step closer to the weekend - and I have a birthday party to attend this Sunday! Tres exciting!

Poor V has been a bit under the weather with a throat infection this week - I have somehow been blessed with a husband who seems unaffected by the dreaded man-flu, and yesterday was the first time in 9 years I've ever known him to take a day off work! Glad to report that he is on the mend...

In other news... someone very dear to me is currently experiencing a very exciting, life-changing experience. Darling girl, you know who you are - I wish you joy in this new journey.

My beautiful blush silk blouse is all washed out in these photos - the light in winter can be so harsh!

Review silk blouse
Cue skirt
Veronika Maine Italian wool coat
Tony Bianco heels
Sportsgirl bag

Hellooo in there!

Mmmm, winter jacket - so cosy and warm...

This brooch was a farewell gift from my previous boss - clearly my love of bows is evident to all!

Can anyone else see the smiley face in my coffee? Certainly brightened my morning.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous outfit! The purple coat is beautiful against your red hair :)

  2. Love your gorgeous coat, especially with that brooch.

  3. Oh wow, that coat is AMAZING. The colour is perfect on you! Gorgeous outfit :)

  4. Oh you have just given me an idea to get a lovely brooch for my coat. You look so cute and love the outfit !

    Ms Sxx

  5. yes what a great coat! looks especially good with those shoes.

  6. Your coat is amazing. Where did you get it from? And the shoes!!! Argh! Perfection!

  7. Love that coat! It's divine. Beautiful statement collars are so chic this winter!

  8. The chocolate powder seems as though the barista was imitating your blunt fringe! Secret admirer much!?

  9. Not saying anything original but i love ur coat also!
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