Thursday, September 2, 2010

mental health day...

Today I had an annual leave day from work - a mental health day, if you will. Sometimes you just need a break, right? I do feel incredibly refreshed and relaxed now.

And I had the best day! I spent the entire morning with my Mum (whom I adore spending time with, she is fantastic company). We went out to breakfast at Lee&Me...

Mum had eggs benedict

I wasn't that hungry, so I had sourdough toast with homemade boysenberry jam and vanilla sweetened ricotta, really really yum

Then we went and wandered around the produce markets for a while, and kind of shopped up a storm!

My goodies - so excited to find irises, I love them so much!

I made some muffins - banana and blueberry

LOTS of muffins!

I took about half my closet to the drycleaners on Monday, so today I went and picked it all up - celebrate good times, my clothes are back and gorgeously clean! And miraculously it only cost me $140!

On that note, I decided I had better duck into the shops and pick up some extra coat-hangers...

My shoes arrived today from LouLou shoes and they are beyond stunning! I die! They all fit like a dream - Mum was in love with them too

I spent about half an hour tidying my wardrobe - I find this incredibly soothing

Relaxed with some muffins and the latest Vogue...

Decided to make a vegetable and lentil soup for dinner, and got that started. Now I'm just waiting for V to get home so I can feed him muffins and model my new shoes for him.

Happy Friday all!


  1. Oh those muffins look delish! I baked some choc chip cookies today as there was zero junk food in the house and I was craving it. Ha. Cant wait to see you wearing your new shoes!

  2. Sounds like such a blissful day! By the sounds of how hard you work, you definitely deserve it :) I had a mini break today as well, which is a miracle :) Mine included soy chais and a picnic in the park mmm

    Have a good weekend lovely :)

  3. I reckon my mum is the best too! I love spending time with her. Sounds like the perfect day! I did something very similar with my mum last friday!!!

  4. Dude that is an awesome day - I really need one of those right now

  5. What a wonderful day, im so jealous! My mum and I used to have days like that, till I moved. I really miss those days.

  6. What a lovely day! Much deserved I'm sure. You sound like such a busy bee. I love seeing your lee & me trips - the vanilla sweetened ricotta looks delicious. The muffins look great also. Blueberries in muffins are the best. I love days like that. And now it is the weekend! More fun ahead...
    Heidi xo

    p.s. how cute are your little heart shaped measuring cups!

  7. Wow that sounds like such a relaxing day.

  8. I'm so glad your shoes fit well!!! I'm always nervous giving sizing advice. Can't wait to see you rocking them :)