Friday, November 26, 2010

the night before, and the morning after...

Last night V and I attended the 2010 ADA Dental Ball...

We were on a table with my parents and several family friends, and colleagues of my Dad's - we had the best night!

Thankyou all for your advice on which dress to wear! I'm so glad I went with the navy silk, I would have felt very out of place in a short dress (although several girls clearly didn't get the "black tie" memo!). I think the outfit came together really well, I was really happy with it.

Guava silk dress
Tony Bianco patent heels
Mimco magazine clutch
Antique necklace and earrings (borrowed)

Excuse the blurriness - turns out I didn't have much time to take as many photos as I would have liked, so I couldn't afford to be picky with the ones I had. I loved how V looked in his tux, and this was the only shot I had of him!

I agonised between two jewellery sets belonging to my Mum, and in the end we decided that the opal love-heart pendant, with matching earrings, looked the best - very blingy!

There was a chocolate fountain! Excitement!

I drank lots and lots and LOTS of pink sparkling, mmmmm...

We ended up getting home around 1am, completely exhausted. The morning after, a little worse for wear, V and I walked into town to refuel with breakfast at lee&me

Much-needed breakfast - bacon and egg roll for V, eggs benedict for me. Plus coffees and an earl grey and lemon iced tea.

Oh I almost forgot one of the most exciting parts of this night - V and I won the raffle, and the prize was a $250 voucher to a local menswear store, plus a $500 Myer gift voucher !!!! I am not ashamed to admit that we went shopping after breakfast this morning. Two gorgeous summery Cue dresses for work made their way home with me - will post pics soon!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


  1. Gorgeous Cate! So glad you were happy with the decision you made with the dress, and congrats on winning the raffle! Cant wait to see the dresses, I often wish I had an office-y job just so I could wear lovely things from Cue x

  2. You both look stunning! Excellent choice with the dress, sounds like a fabulous night.

    Congrats on the vouchers, how exciting! xx

  3. You look gorgeous
    And lucky you re the Myer voucher!!!
    Hurrah for Cue. It's my favourite brand.

  4. nawww you both looked amazing - V would have looked so so hansome in his suit

    so glad you both had a lovely time gorgeous - and the raffle - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fantastic!!

    luv z&me

  5. You looked perfect, so elegant and beautiful! It is such fun to get dressed up for events like that. V looked rather dashing too :)
    Congratulations on the raffle win - such the coveted thing at a ball. I'm v glad you won & we can see the purchases!
    Heidi xo

  6. You look amazing!!!! Love the dress!

  7. Looks like you had a great time, gorgeous dress! It's wonderfully ironic that you had a chocolate fountain at a dental ball- haha!! xx

  8. Love your choice of dress and accessories! Beautiful! Congrats on winning the raffle too, what great prizes :D x Sushi

  9. Sorry, again, just to clarify: didn't you say you're vegetarian? Vegetarian ham?

    I found your blog a while ago, through a (somewhat inappropriate) reference you made to your (then) work email address in a Vogue forum, and I can't say I'm an avid reader - but even on those few occasions when I do check in, there seem to be a few...inconsistencies?

    It rather calls to mind this previous Anonymous comment, and the doubts expressed therein:

    Although having had to deal with you in one of your previous professional incarnations I have no doubt you are actually a lawyer, there does seem to be a fair amount of spin in what you write here.

    (And just on that note: a combined degree should only take five or six years, even with honours in both degrees, not seven and a half - and as a previous associate myself on a different court, in my experience it's not usually appropriate to mention details of your work in such a public forum.)

  10. anonymous - I am no longer a vegetarian. I think you have asked me this on another post? I was for several years though. Glad to see you take such an interest, despite not being an avid reader.

    I didn't actually do a combined degree - as I have said on numerous occasions, I did an arts degree, with honours (4 years), and then I did my law degree graduate (3 years), then my PLT took 6 months. So 4 + 3 + 0.5 = 7.5! Amazing, I can do maths! ;)

    PS: I pride myself on never, ever breaching any aspect of confidentiality in respect of my jobs, past or current. If you are referring to the Vogue thread on careers, I am sure you would see that only the vaguest details are shared. I am sure if anything I had mentioned in respect of my work was in any way inappropriate, someone like the lovely FF would have kindly pointed it out to me.

    Thanks for dropping by, and have a nice day!

  11. Wow, I'm never posting how long I took to do my degree on my blog! Yikes!!

    Anyway Cate, you look gorgeous - I absolutely adore that opal necklace ^_^!

    I'm not usually an opal-lover, but your one is very pretty.

  12. Cate, I've decided that I'm very jealous of your hair, especially your fringe! I have a similar fringe but no matter how much I try to get it to sit right, it pretty much never does.

    Annnnd that's my random comment for the day :D

    xx Kit