Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas is a time for giving (and receiving!)

I arrived in at work this morning to find THIS sitting on my desk...

It was a Christmas present from A, the office girl - so sweet of her!

I opened it up to find this adorable brooch - and look, it has OWLS on it! I LOVE owls! I don't think she quite believed me when I told her LOL

And then I arrived home and found two parcels waiting for me...

One contained my beautiful, thoughtful KK gift through the Vogue forums, from the lovely Divette - lookie at all the pretties! I cannot believe she bought me basically everything on my wishlist!

The pencil case and pen from kikki k are sooooo adorable!

The best part was the message in the card - I LOVE the idea of having a Vogue Christmas!

The second parcel was another secret santa gift - check out these gorgeous Christmas ornaments! They are soooo pretty and sparkly and I adore the colours

How gorgeous does it look on our tree! Thanks to my (mystery) SS!

In other news, some quick outfit shots!

Country Road top
Cue skirt
Sportsgirl cardigan
LouLou shoes sandals
Diva pearls

Hope you are all having lovely weeks - happy hump day!


  1. That's the 2nd gorgeous Cue skirt I've seen in so many posts and 5 minutes! Lovely lady and the KK gifts are great. I've got a thing for cute pens, my favourite at the moment is a Miffy one a friend got me in Japan Land.

  2. you got jackpot with the KK presents! Love the cardigan with the top too, so floaty and pretty

  3. Ooh, you're getting me excited for Christmas now!

  4. I love this outfit - the pearls are a gorgeous addition. What a great bundle of presents! Yay for T2. I love it - have a very vogue christmas :)
    Heidi xo

  5. That's such a sweet present from the office girl! And love your Vogue KK present too - I'm excited about mine!