Saturday, December 11, 2010

oh christmas tree...

Today we woke up bright and early because today was Christmas tree day!

We started the day with coffees and breakfast at lee&me...

V had the breakfast special - scrambled eggs with flaked trout, tomatoes and goats cheese stirred through, on grain toast

Eggs benedict for me!

After breakfast we drove to the Christmas tree farm - we were so excited at the prospect of picking out and cutting down our own tree!

Christmas trees!!! And LOTS of mud! Which we had to trek through to get to the trees! After you got over the initial squelchiness, it was actually lots of fun!

V decided to video me walking through the mud...

Getting ready to find the perfect tree!

Raaaargh, warrior princess pose!

Yay, we find our tree!

V did the honours and cut it down...

The tree ensconced in its rightful place in our living room. Ready for decorating later tonight! After we vacuum and mop the floors haha

I did a bit more decorating around the house...

And whipped up a healthy summery pasta for dinner, with zucchini, lemon juice, parmesan and fresh mint

And then I made eggnog!

And then we got to decorating - I think we did a great job, I love how the tree looks!

Aaaaaand we wrapped up some presents tonight too - love how they look all piled up together.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


  1. Yay! We are going to put our Christmas tree up tomorrow and start wrapping presents - I'm so excited. Even though ours is fake and about knee height...

  2. ah my gosh when i watched the video and V spoke i jumped. i thought someone was speaking to me :P
    your tree is cuuuute!
    i couldn't pick out my own because i would pick out he saddest looking one to rescue and take home with me.
    your presents are so nicely wrapped!
    i love your advent calendar(if thats what the wall hanging is..). my mum made something similar when were kiddies and every day in december it was filled with a different treat and a note from her.
    ahhh cherished moments <3
    wow. long comment.

  3. Your tree and presents look fantastic! I love real Christmas trees, when I lived with my parents we always used to get a real tree and it made the house smell so lovely and Christmasy!

  4. I love simply wrapped presents :) Yours look great.
    And how exciting picking your own tree. I saw a tree on a car roof the other day.
    I am holed up in a hotel because my shower is still not fixed and today I spent a few hours doing the last bit of shopping and wrapping. I love gift giving :)
    Cute outfit and yummy looking pasta!

  5. Wow that looks good!
    Love you blog!

    eef en lot

  6. Cute video! Your breakfast special looks great - love the addition of trout. and goats cheese is always great! We dont have a christmas tree this year...i think we should get one already. we have one at mum & dad's - that counts. I just love the smell!
    Heidi xo

  7. Aren't you vegetarian?

  8. hollypop - yes, it is indeed an advent calender! I made it myself, took me a good week and the assistance of my mum, I'm not particularly crafty lol

    anonymous - I was a vegetarian for several years but started eating meat again, in small amounts, about 8 months ago. If you are interested in the reasons, I have discussed this in the Vogue forum vegetarian thread a while back :)

  9. LOVE the tree Cate! It looks super cute all decorated with presents underneath. And I also wanted to say that I always love your outfits, you are one gorgeous lady! Merry Christmas!