Saturday, December 4, 2010

party time and paddington shopping day...

Well, the seasonal whirl of parties and social events has well and truly kicked off with a vengeance in the KittyCate household! It feels like the next few weeks constitute one big list of work lunches, Christmas parties, social functions.... NOT that I am complaining of course!

On Thursday night, we attended V's work Christmas party - at the Lowenbrau, as you can see. I may or may not have ended up onstage, played a tuba, and done the chicken dance (in my defence, there were 7 other women up there with me!) All in all, a fun night!

Last night my work threw a Christmas cocktail event in my local area, and I was hosting (along with my boss) - it was an absolute hit! And unfortunately, I only managed to take these two, very boring, photos of the set-up, before guests began arriving in droves and there was no time to think, let alone pull out the camera!

I wore my Wish cocktail dress - but you'll have to use your imaginations, sorry, because yep you guessed it, I didn't get any photos! Waaaaah!

Then today my mum and my sister and I went shopping in Paddington - yay! Despite threatening to rain, the universe cooperated nicely and gave us some sunshine and warm weather for a lovely, long day of shopping, drinking coffee, and eating yummy food...

Several of these were consumed during the course of the day...

Eeeeeeee most AMAZING dress EVER! Its seriously divine. And the 40% off sale price certainly was an added bonus. I can't show it to you until Christmas though, sorry! Its a present from mum and it has been taken home by her to be wrapped, and I have to wait another 3 weeks before I get to wear it! Ah well, absence makes the heart grow fonder I suppose.

We found the most amazing little wine bar to have lunch at...

I like a simple name - easy to remember!

I think it was new, I've certainly not seen it before - a real little hidden gem. And staffed by gorgeous Italian waiters, with gorgeous Italian accents. Bellissimo!

Drinkies! Rossini (prosecco with strawberry puree), lemon lime and bitters, and blood orange juice

The food was simply spectacular...

Bruschetta and an arancini rice ball with mozarella in the centre, mmmmm so good

Dis ma tired face - after 6 hours of shopping it up, we finally made it home...

Cue dress
Cue belt
Tony Bianco ballet flats
Cotton On sunglasses
MAC Lady Danger lipstick (my new obsession!)

Hope you are all having gorgeous, gorgeous weekends!


  1. First comment slot to me! Hip hip, hurrah!

    Love you to bits and pieces, you fabulous woman.

    Arancini is beautiful. I've made it at home before. Super tricky and takes hours but SO worth it for the divine little balls of gooey deliciousness. Will send you the recipe if you want it, just txt me and let me know.

    Love Amber & Lettie xx

  2. I used to live in Paddington! I really love the cute little stores, cafe's and bar's. Oh how I miss it everyday!!

  3. hahaha. the first pic is a total rachel zoe face.

    i love the sounds of the rossini drink. om yum :)
    how do you drink all that coffee whilst shopping in paddo? i hate having to duck into the rsl to pee :p

  4. you look gorgeous! very glamorous and appropriate for paddington :)

  5. Gorgeous! You look so so chic :) Was expecting the glasses to be chanel, you make them look awesome! Will be popping over to Cotton On this week :)

  6. Looks like you had a great weekend! Must get over to Paddo again soon...

  7. Love how you styled the dress! Black and white is so classic.

  8. I love your dress! The last pic is totally cute.
    Heidi xo

  9. Ooh I am loving the lipstick! Your tired face looks pretty good to me :P x