Monday, February 7, 2011

celebrating the cool change...

Hooray for the cooler weather! It couldn't have come fast enough, I was reaching the end of my tether in the constant, icky heat

And hooray for wearing pants and long sleeves! You've got to relish the little things...

I wore this on Sunday night, to have dinner at my parents' house...

Supre harem pants
Cotton On top
Tony Bianco ballet flats
Jag leather satchel with Oroton silk scarf

Another bonus associated with cool climes - eating yummy vegetable-laden pastas, without melting from the heat!

I am missing V very, very much! Does that make me pathetic? I don't think so. I did feel the need for some comfort food last night, ie a pot of tea and some Cadbury Crunchie Easter eggs


  1. It doesnt make you pathetic missing your partner. I miss my husband every time he goes away for business. I dont like being home on my own at all!!!

    Tea and chocolate always makes me feel better :)

  2. Definitely doesnt make you pathetic Cate! I miss J the minute we're apart and I dont stop until I see him again. Sometimes I miss him when I'm asleep and he's right next to me. (Could the soppy-ness get any worse? Haha).

    I too am cheering for the cooler weather. I used to LOVE summer when I was younger but now I crave cold weather. I cant wait to be rugged up in layers. Mmm.

    Love your hair out!

    I might go get myself a pot of tea now :)

  3. I'm loving this cool change too! Could finally wear jeans again today! Let's hope it lasts :) Mmmm yum treats...there's easter eggs out already?!

  4. You look cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! Can you Skype V? I can't imagine being away from H for that long :( :( :(

    Comfort food is the perfect idea.

    Just so you know the people at Whisk and Pin have given me some pancake mixes and syrups to giveaway :) :) :) Enter the comp then you can make pancakes for V when he get home!!! Yaayaayayayayayaaa

  5. LOVE the crunchie eggs. I am putting off eating them because I know once I start I won't be able to stop. Ditto hot cross buns.

    Looking very Florence there today! Hope you aren't missing V toooo much!

  6. Not pathetic at all! I couldn't do it.

    I love your cooler weather outfit. I'm soooo looking forward to winter! xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit!!

    It definitely isn't pathetic! My boyfriend lives in Adelaide and I live in Newcastle, NSW and I only get to see him for a weekend every 4-6 weeks. I'm pretty much a sap from the moment I get on the plane to come home till I see him again.

  8. How nice is this cooler change???
    Ive also been wearing my Supre harem pants. They are fantastic for this in-between weather.

    And its not pathetic at all that you miss V!


  9. I echo what others have said re not being pathetic - no way! & I have to say that I love that you have a label entitled "pretty little thoughts". plus I love your teapot :)
    Heidi xo