Friday, February 18, 2011

lover and my love...

On Thursday night, V arrived home, after 12 days away for work - 'twas a cause for great celebration!

Jasper got dressed up all fancy...

I had the Veuve chilled, and the Waterford crystal glasses ready...

Welcome home V! You have been greatly missed!

Today, we spent the day in Sydney just chilling out and enjoying each other's company

Starbucks iced tea in Hyde Park - tres refreshing and so shady and cool

Forever New skirt
Sass&Bide tee
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Necklace from etsy
Cotton On sunglasses
Jag leather satchel

Erm yes, I may or may not have dragged V along to the annual Lover Jumble sale today - we arrived there just half an hour after it opened, and queued for 15 minutes!

My Lover haul consists of 3 dresses (from the Altamount, Love Bomb and Sacred Hearts collections), and the most gorgeous, soft, luxurious wheat-coloured mohair sweater. Stay tuned for pics later!

After the rigours of the Lover battlefield, I mean sale, we needed to relax and refuel, so we headed over the the QVB Tea Rooms for High Tea

Irish Breakfast served from a silver pot and drunk from a china cup = perfection!

Mmmmmm miniature goodness - look at all those gorgeous little pastries and yummies!

Hooray for High Tea! And hooray for having my husband home again.

We are heading out to dinner tonight, to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day and V's birthday. Hope you are all having lovely weekends!



  1. Your day sounds absolutely perfect! Food, fashion and quality time with your most favourite person. Yay for V being home! xx

  2. haha Jasper looks so cute! Glad to hear V is back hun, must be a big relief xo

  3. Yay for V's return! :D The high tea looks delicious! I must go to high tea some day.

    Also, my boy is very much a fan of the Jasper snap :)

  4. So jealous of the Lover sale!! Poor V though... haha. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new outfits.

  5. That looks and sounds like the most perfect of days!!!

    So glad your love is back!!

    The FN skirt looks ammmazing!!! I would probably look like such a swamp donkey if I tried to pull that off.. I do NOT have the grace that you do.

  6. You are, as always, a woman after my own heart :)

    Just stocked up on my Irish Breakfast tea stash yesterday!! Great minds...! Such a lovely rich brew.

    The Lover markets sound divine - dragged SM along to a flea market today, he was most unimpressed. I had to spend hours cajoling him beforehand, and it was a terrible letdown when we got there - FLEA markets indeed!

    Posting SGU to you tomorrow. Did you get the photos of Miss L I sent a few weeks ago? :)


  7. Love your gorgeous waterford crystal champagne flutes! I am getting married in November... another item for the registry, methinks!

  8. Aw...sigh I wish they have a Lover jumble sale here in Melbourne. I would buy EVERYTHING!

    Love Ms Stef...

  9. Great day!! I would love to chill out in Sydney today, thank you, sounds like a lot of fun! & high tea is always fabulous (not that I've ever been!!) - love the china, almost as delicious as the food!
    Heidi xo

  10. Jasper looks like such a sweetie! I think I have a crush on all cute cats :D. Especially furry ones, or kittens!! Well done on the Lover sale btw!