Thursday, February 10, 2011

things that make me happy...

I took the day off work today on annual leave - call it a mental health day, but what with V being away and the killer week I've had, I really needed a day to sleep in, relax, and rejuvinate

I thought I'd share some snaps I took today of the little things that make me happy, which I am indulging in to keep my spirits up...

A bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast...

Getting started on a new scarf for winter...

Lula magazine - I can literally spend hours poring over the pages of this divine publication

Tidying and decluttering my wardrobe - and sitting back and looking at all the pretties!

Easter eggs - on a Spode platter

Watching trash-tastic episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project

Snuggling with my kitty-cats - they are such good company!

Happy Friday to all in Blogland!


  1. You need to start indulging in THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX. I am obsessed with it. It's so bad it's good. Hope you're not too blue lady. ♥

  2. I hope you're having a lovely weekend C :) Your wardrobe palette is so so pretty! Just read your post on Vogue re your hubby, hope you're ok and that you have an awesome celebration when he gets home!

  3. You are wise starting your scarf now, usually start when winter begins and then it is finished in time for summer, or not finished at all. Actually I think I have one left from last winter, perhaps this is my cue to pull it out and finish it before winter 2011.

  4. hehe what a great idea, sounds like a well deserved day off! Love the wardrobe shot. Have never read Lula will have to check it out xo

  5. mmm your fruit salad looks beautiful! Yay for mental health days! I wish I could knit - such a good skill to have. I should learn.
    Heidi xo