Saturday, April 16, 2011

rainy saturday at the show...

Today my Mum and I had a lovely girly day together - at the Sydney Royal Easter Show! Yes, I am a total nerd and I LOVE the show! Anyone who loves animals of all descriptions (ahem, me!) can go nuts admiring the glossy horses, cuddly kittehs, cute puppies, weeny piggies... I could go on. Not to mention the arts and crafts, local produce displays, food delicacies - I'll stop now, promise!

Anyway, here are some happy snaps from our day!

We pigged out on the world's best scones at the Country Women's Association cafe

And ooohed and aaahed over the gorgeous iced cake creations

ZOMG a Jasper! I cannot get enough of the kitties at the Show!

I lovelovelove the showjumping! Despite the teeming rain, 'twas amazing as always

We treated ourselves to lunch at Jaimson's restaurant...

We both ordered the same thing - a delish gnocci with baby zucchini, broad beans, zucchini flowers, almonds, parmesan and olive oil

And the most amaaaaazing strawberry trifle!

We looked at pretty flowers...

And the regional displays - love these!

Bertie Beetle showbag for V - kind of a little tradition for us

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


  1. WAH!!!!

    I want a day at the show!!!!

    That looks like so much fun, SO much fun!

  2. i (used to) always get a bertie show bag toooooo!

  3. Can't go past the Bertie Beetle showbag!!!

  4. What a fabulous day! That looks like a great way to spend a day at the show - not a dagwood dog or ride in sight! And the Bertie Beetle is my favourite of all the showbags!

  5. Those scones look amazing!!
    Looks like it was such a wet day!

  6. That kitty is adorable! I haven't been to the show in so many years. We used to go there as a school trip many moons ago - I went to an agricultural high school, so we had to go and do reports on the plants etc. We used to always run off to grab a showbag and smuggle it back in our school bags.

  7. I love showbags!! Looks like a lovely day! I am hoping to drag my boyfriend along to the show this year, just waiting for the weather to clear up xxx

  8. Looks like a great day. I don't think there's anything the CWA ladies can't cook!

  9. Agreed. Bertie Bettle showbags are the best!

  10. Yay Bertie!

    Looks like you had a great day

  11. Aaaawww, jealous! When we used to go to the show the line for the animals was always sooooooo long!
    The food pics are so delish. Drool!

  12. Great photos! I looove the show, I can't wait to go now! xx

  13. I love our Royal Show too, and always make a point of visiting the cats, but I can't help but feel a bit conflicted about it. I feel sorry for them being trapped in a noisy room in a tiny cage with children and adults (who should know better) poking their fingers through the cage at them all day. It must be quite stressful for them.

    On the other hand, I don't feel at all conflicted about enjoying yummy CWA produce!