Monday, April 25, 2011

surfing and seasonal baking...

This has been the loveliest long long weekend ever! Relaxation, good food, and time spent with my lovely husband, who I don't get to see as much as I'd like to lately!

Ever the creatures of habit, we kicked off the day with breakfast at lee&me...

Before driving down the coast for the morning - seriously, is there anywhere quite so beautiful? Just pristine and perfect

More amateur surfing shots! Are you bored with these yet? hehe

For someone who has only been at this for 6 weeks, I think V looks very natural

We bought some sweet treats from lee&me to sustain us for a day spent surfing/observing the surfing and reading - Anzac biscuits, what else?

Is anyone else familiar with the work of Ellis Peters? She wrote murder mysteries set in a Benedictine monastery in Medieval England. I can usually only find them in second-hand bookstores...

'Scuse the pissed-off face and lack of make-up!

Back home, I got my domestic goddess on and baked up a storm - one batch of caramel easter egg muffins, one batch of Anzac biscuits

Here's to another day off work, spent doing only nice things!



  1. I have not heard of Ellis Peters but I will google that ish now.

    Beach looks beautiful still, despite the cold.

    I wish I'd had a lovely Easter weekend, instead of looking after sick peeps on night duty, le sigh... I'm living vicariously through people's blogs :) :) :)

  2. Nawwww sweetheart, at the risk of sounding cliche, what you are doing is so much more meaningful and inspirational than how I am spending my weekend! Highly recommend Ellis Peters if you love Medieval history and a good old-fashioned who-dunnit xx

  3. I remember my HSC English teacher recommending Ellis Peters to me!!
    If you're looking for her books, check out They have some of her books for as little as $12, and free postage!
    That website is my absoluteee favourite!!

    Your ANZAC cookies look delicious!!

    - Michaela
    (sorry for shamelessly advertising my blog in my comments - i just changed my url and am scared i will lose readers because no one can find me haha!)

  4. I've never heard of Ellis Peters - her stories sound great! V is so impressive - only 6 weeks, wow, respect. Those anzac biscuits look particularly good.
    Heidi xo