Tuesday, April 12, 2011

today I...

drank masala chai with honey...

grabbed lunch at lower east cafe...

got a little carried away buying Glasshouse scented candles...

amused myself arranging the candles in decorative fashion...

enjoyed some quiet time snuggled up on the couch, with this deliciousness gently flickering away on the coffee table...



  1. OOOooooOOOooo we have candles from French Provincial that are SO lovely. I'm obsessed with candles and flowers.

    Honey... tell meeeeeee... what is the difference between CHAI and MASALA CHAI.. I'm too scared to ask Hamish he will call me a FOOL!

  2. That toastie looks delish!
    And I love Glasshouse candles! So well priced and so nice!!!

  3. You just inspired me. I start work late today so I just got out my Lover candle to light by my bedside while curled up reading blogs and eating breakfast in bed mmm.

  4. I'm going to try a cup of that masala chai today,
    I like these daily round up posts.

  5. Love everything about glasshouse candles. The scent, the double wicks, the beautiful lil labls and being able to recycle the jars. Great buys :)

  6. I want some chai now too :) love posts like these. Always a little pick me up :)
    Heidi xo

  7. Those candles look beautiful!

  8. I had chai hot chocolate at Koko Black the other night. These cold autumn days are just perfect for some lightly spiced Chai in whatever form it comes.

  9. Mez - me toooooo! candles + flowers make a home IMO. I could be completely wrong, but I think masala chai is just chai-as-we-know-it, but just the proper name for it

    Sammie - I am having a total glasshouse-obsession right now, they are so yummy

    Bonsai - ohhhh that sounds like such an amazing start to the day! I love the Lover candles, they are so delish

    alice - the chai was v yummy! hope you enjoyed yours :)

    Reezy - I hadn't even thought of re-using the jars, thanks for the tip hun!

    Heidi - thanks hun, its a fun little way to update the ole blog :)

    Corrina - they smell amazing too, high recommend!

    Lisa - ohhhh my goodness, chai hot chocolate sounds amazing! I love Koko Black, I wish there was one in my state


  10. Ok, so you got me curious about these Glasshouse candles and I ended up buying a little Manhattan one... to get me in the mood for my New York trip in a couple of months! They all smell so nice.