Saturday, May 14, 2011

still clinging to winter's chill...

Winter is truly upon us! I, for one, am loving the cool crisp mornings, winter fashion, wooly scarves, slow-cooked meals at night, and ugg boots on a weekend - bliss!

Breakfast at lee&me is just as fun in the cold as in summer!

Pretty! And pretty delicious

Breakfast special of brioche French toast with butterscotch sauce, mixed berry jam and sweetened ricotta...

V had the hotcakes - with mixed berries and ricotta on the side

This dress is surprisingly warm, being 100% silk!

Again, top marks to anyone who can ID this Lover dress for me! Nabbed it in the recent jumble sale, but I have no idea of the style name or collection

Resembling a 6-year old on her first day at school LOL

Realising the grass was wet!

Lover dress
Tony Bianco wedge heels
Cotton On sunglasses
Jag satchel with Oroton silk scarf

I saw this in the supermarket this afternoon and squeeeed! Whitestone cheese, from Omaru in New Zealand! And only $2.99 each! Must be because our dollar is so strong right now - this stuff is seriously fantastic, you must try!

Mmmmmm olives and cheese - I could live on this!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


  1. amazing Lover dress! so cute! mmm brioche french toast looks heavenly :) :) I made myself some french toast this morning, was lovely.
    Hannah x

  2. Gorgeous dress! I'm loving the cooler weather lately <3

  3. That cheese looks delicious. I would seriously live on cheese, wine and antipasto if my body would let me!!

  4. I ♥ this post! Your dress looks gorgeous and i wantee that breakfast.

  5. Great breakfast & dress! You do slightly resemble a 6 year old on the first day of school, but in the best way possible. You totally pull it off. I really doubt I could! I too love chilly days, but only if I'm prepared and rugged up!
    Heidi xo

  6. I think that may be the Ophelia dress from the 1+1 collection... I am embarrassed at how much useless Lover trivia is stored in my brain... Anyway, you look very cute and I continue to be jealous of all the stuff you got at the jumble sale!!

  7. Ohhhh that cheese looks yummmmy! I agree with kessielauren, if I could eat cheese, olives + wine for lunch and dinner (maybe not breakfast ha) every single day, I would happily do so!! xxx

  8. Hannah - French toast is without a doubt one of my favourite foods, so yummy! I've never had it made with brioche before, definitely a good addition

    aelie - thanks hun! I am so excited about this season's winter fashion!

    jessielauren - hehe I could probably consume close to my own weight in cheese and antipasti, if I tried

    aliceblue - thankyou so much hun!

    Heidi - thanks hun. totally agree too, nothing worse than getting caught outside unprepared in cold weather!

    Bonsaid - yaaaaay, thankyou!!! I knew I could rely on you to ID the dress for me! :D I love your capacity for Lover trivia!

    PP - hmmmm trying to think of a cheese-based breakfast food and coming up short. I think we need to all move to Paris where such foods are consumed daily! :D


  9. Olives and cheese sound like the perfect diet to me! Thanks for the recommendation about Whitestone cheese - I'll be keeping a look out for that now.

  10. My Dad and I started making brioche into french toast about 10 years ago and I have to say, normal bread just doesn't cut it for me any more. It is fantastic isn't it!

    Looks like a gorgeous weekend was had and shows how much warmer it is at the coast.

  11. oh
    good lord

    that is all

  12. That dress is beautiful. It looks gorgeous on you! x

  13. The Lover dress looks fantastic on you. I haven't seen that style before.