Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the abc of me...

A. Age: 29

B. Bed size: King - has to accommodate me and V plus two bed-hog kittehs!

C. Chore you hate: Scrubbing the shower! For me, the shower is all about relaxation and pampering, and cleaning it just takes away from the whole experience. Luckily for me, V does a damn good shower-scrubbing job

D. Dogs: Love them! Originally wanted a pug, but am now leaning towards a French bulldog, thanks to the lovely Carlotta and her gorgeous wee Marcel. V is similarly smitten

E. Essential start to the day: C-c-c-coffee!!! Plus breakfast. I am not one of these people who can skip breakfast, I end up on my nose in a faint by 10am

F. Favourite colour: Erm, changes depending on my mood. At the moment, I'd say blush pink

G. Gold or silver: Silver - gold just doesn't work with my skintone and colouring

H. Height: 167cm - not tall! Everyone who meets me after seeing me on my blog assumes I am tall. I am the very opposite of tall! I must write like a tall person LOL

I. Instruments: Piano for 12 years, and singing training for 3

J. Job title: Solicitor

K. Kids: Two kittehs, Jade and Jasper

L. Live: The gorgeous South Coast of NSW

M. Mum's name: Susan

N. Nicknames: Cat, Cate, Keg. Daffy Duck - when my brother was little he couldn't say Catherine, so I became "Daffren", which my Dad morphed into Daffy Duck. It has stuck to this day. Only my parents and V are allowed to call me Cath or Cathy - 'tis a germ of endearment. Otherwise, it sounds too much like Kath'n'Kim for me

O. Overnight hospital stays: Never, thank goodness!

P. Pet peeve: Untruthful, untrustworthy people

Q. Quote from a movie: Princess Bride - "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die!" :D

R. Right or left handed: Lefty! We shall inherit the earth!

S. Siblings: Two, a younger sister and an even younger brother

T. Time you wake up: Usually around 5:30am when V gets up, and the cats want their breakfast. Then back to bed for another hour

U. Underwear: Currently obsessed with Esprit's cute range of knickers, Elle McPherson for bras, and Pleasure State for nice fings ;)

V. Vegetables you dislike: Previously I would have said none, but thanks to Merowyn I now have to say green capsicum LOL

W. What makes you run late: Public transport, when I have to catch it. I have become accustomed to catching ridiculously early trains so overcome CityRail's chronic unreliability

X. X-rays you have had: Dental, right wrist, neck

Y. Yummy food you make: Far too many to list! I can as of Sunday now brag that scones are included in that list hehe

Z. Zoo animal: Cheetah! V and I once did a meet-a-cheetah experience at Canberra zoo, when spent 15 minutes patting and interacting with their 3 cheetahs. Magical experience


  1. Bahahaahahaa Green Capsicum is the devil's vegetable of choice haahahaa

    Love your A - Z I can't believe you wake up at 0630 by choice!!! You cray cray gurl!

  2. Aw shucks hun, Marcel is thrilled with his mention! He is being very naughty at the moment, apparently Frenchies go trough a 'phase' at 6 months and boy is he ever! Lucky he's so cute.

    I think you look really tall in pics as well, how weird!

  3. omgosh i just discovered your blog and love it! perfect mix of fashion, food and life! but unfortunetly i can't seem to view your 'older posts' and usually when i click to view the comments it doesn't work, this has been the first time it has!

  4. same height, love cats. TWINS.

    ps. i'm stealing this.

  5. Technically, you ARE tall, as 167 cm is above average height. Definitely not the opposite of tall!

  6. Love this! I always find these little quiz things so interesting. Love that you used a quote from Princess Bride! hahahahaha. x

  7. 167cm is way tall! I'm 162cm :)

  8. Love these posts :) I'm 168.5cm tall (grabbing onto that .5, clearly) & although I don't feel we're short, I did picture you taller for some reason haha. funny :)
    Heidi xo