Thursday, July 21, 2011

colour blocking...

Today, I was at a seminar in the city and then took the afternoon off to catch up with a friend, so I went casual- yay! Thought I would play around with colour blocking!

Sass&Bide top
Alice in the Eve skirt
Benetton cardigan
Cue belt
Tony Bianco ballet flats
Tiffany&Co jewellery

'Scuse the dodgy photos! The light was terrible!

Jasper sneaks in-shot...



  1. Love that skirt. I haven't really tried colour blocking most of my clothes are patterned!

  2. I love this maxi, the colour is divine <3

  3. Oooo I really like the different shades of red, that skirt is gorgeous! I have very little to colour block ha, most of my items are patterned or black. x

  4. love colour blocking too...beautiful skirt, love the pleats

  5. if i wore that much red i would look like a one of those giant strawberries. you pull it off awesomely though :)

  6. Very gorgeous. Love that maxi skirt, so happy they're on-trend right now x

  7. I live in block colour, I'm actually trying to move away and get more pattern in my life! But you look great. And Jasper being in shot is very cute.

  8. Thanks lovelies :) Loving this skirt right now, bordering on obsession!

    Lisa - I'm the same, trying to incorporate more patterns in my wardrobe, so hard sometimes to find the perfect patterns for me!

    Anouska - I lurve strawberries haha. Maybe if I dyed my hair green, I could channel one

  9. Amazing! Your hair colour is perfect for this outfit. I love how cat's sneak their way into photo's like this.