Monday, July 18, 2011

road trippin'...

What an eventful, fun-filled weekend it has been! On Saturday morning, V and I drove down to Canberra to help celebrate our good friends' little girl's first birthday, and continued driving on down to Tathra afterwards, to meet up with my parents, my brother and my Nana, and spend some time with my sister and her husband. Phew! V termed it the KittyCate-family-convoy roadtrip! Which was rather apt. Thought I might share some piccies!

V arrived home from Bathurst on Friday night with the biggest, most gorgeous bunch of tulips evah! I felt very loved

On Saturday night, all eight of us feasted on the Italian goodness that is Viccolo's in Merimbula...

World's best garlic bread!

My meal of beef pizziaola - beef strips with roast tomatoes, caperberries, olives and garlic with roast vegetables

V had the exact same meal as last time - beef fillet with truffle butter

Affogato with frangelico was the dessert of choice for some...

Mum, Nana and I shared the dessert tasting platter, which featured mango sorbet, chocolate tart and a divine tiramisu - there may or may not have been a minor spoon-fight over the Baileys pannacotta with espresso syrup and roasted hazelnuts...

On Sunday, I had a luxurious sleep-in while some members of the group went for a run, and others elected to go surfing. Hardy souls. We set off before midday to drive home, and stopped for lunch at Anton's Fish Cafe at Kianga - a true hidden gem!

Freshly-caught flathead with chips and salad for V (and most others of our party!)

My amaaaazing lunch of lemon and cracked pepper king prawns with chips and salad

We made a much-needed pit stop at Milton for hot chocolates and coffee...

Stopping for pies at the world's best pie shop at East Lynne - note the Phantom in the background there? I drove all the way home from Tathra to Wollongong! Phwoar its easy to get carried away in that beast, and suddenly realise you're driving at 130kmph whilst your other half snoozes in the passenger seat *eep* I may or may not have dreamed I was a racecar driver on Sunday night...

Hope that everyone had an amazing weekend!


  1. After reading your post, I've seriously considered going to Maccas and getting a burger. I wish I had such lovely cafes available to me in my area!

    My gosh I can't believe you drove the holden that fast! We have the same car, but in the obnoxious green colour and I cringe every time we go over 100. I'm such a little cry baby when it comes to fast cars!

  2. I'm so envious of your fun getaways and ALL THE AMAZING FOOD PICS! Gah!!! :P

  3. Sounds wonderful. I love the outfit in the last shot!!! And so much calorific goodness. Have a fabulous week. X

  4. I feel the same when I drive one of the big work cars....the amount of times I am doing 130 without even realising it!

  5. Oh the delights of the South Coast! Sounds like a brilliant weekend was had by all.

    Personally my favourite fish and chips is the blue shed in Bateman's bay. Not nearly as flash as Anton's - you get it wrapped in paper - but super tasty and I love eating fish and chips on the beach. Sand between my toes makes it all the more delicious!

  6. What a delicious foodie weekend!!!!

    Sigh, now I want prrrrrrrrrrrrawns!!!

  7. Like the look of your prawns n chips. Yummy! Sounds like a great weekend.

  8. God I love a good road trip! All that food looks amazing!

  9. Awesome eats! & how sweet is V?! I love tulips, they're my parent's flower :)
    Heidi xo