Saturday, July 23, 2011

snapshots of friday and saturday...

Fragments of the past two days...

Morning cappuccino at Swell coffee with my mum on Friday, before hitting the markets

Rings freshly cleaned courtesy of Tiffany & Co, nails freshly painted OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry courtesy of the girls at the David Jones NailSpa

Fresh local raspberries from the produce markets! Killer

The great big ugly fecking HOLE in my ceiling. I seriously cannot even talk about it right now, I am so angry

My favourite Jo Malone fragrance to sweeten my Saturday morning

World's best breakfast! Blueberry bagels with ricotta, honey and raspberries, all from the markets

Jade gets her snuggle on...

Jasper is unbelivably cute, as per usual

Eeeeee saw Harry Potter today, loved it! Cried through most of it (silently) - I don't do the whole epically-loud-sobbing in movie theatres thing*. Want this on DVD, so I can watch both parts together like the HP nerd I am

Driving home from the movies - sunglasses are good for hiding red eyes! LOL


* I once went and saw Titantic with my sister at the movies, and she sobbed so loudly and violently through the final moments of the film that I actually got up and moved to different seat, I was so embarrassed. Love you R! :D


  1. Oooh pretty nails/bling! And that breakfast looks amazing. Sooo many die hard fans were at the midnight session I went to, including the hysterical girl next to me. It's quite sad that it's all over. Boohoo. Have a lovely weekend! X

  2. Those bagels look delicious! I think I am going to have to try them with raspberries and ricotta!


  3. Bahaahahaaaa your sister haahahahahaaaa

    What the heck happened to your ceiling?!

    Love, love, love your Tiffany and Co rings, we will be getting our wedding bands from there. I want a rose gold one with diamonds all 'round.


  4. That is one big ass hole in you ceiling!
    I felt pretty sad at the end of HP because I knew I was never going to see another new movie!

  5. I started weeping 5 times throughout HP, its so emotional!!! Loved it though. What the efff is with the hole??!?!? Thats awful I hope it can be fixed quick smart. xx

  6. I'm so sad HP is over too! I was far sadder when the books ended, but now it feels really final! *cries*

    The hole may be here to stay for a while sadly. Long story short, our ceiling started leaking a little and BULGING, I believe there may have been a swimming pool up on the roof. Stoopid landlords have been ignoring us for 12months when we kept telling them the watermark on the roof was getting bigger and we were concerned about water in the ceiling! The builder had to cut the hole to let all the water out, and the roof will apparently need to be completely fixed. Gah, so not looking forward to that, I need a g&t just thinking about it!


  7. to be fair to your sis- titanic is a sad movie :) ps: your sis sounds like a champ.... ;)

  8. I loved Harry Potter too, although I should have rewatched the first episode because it took me a little while to remember where we were up to.

    Yum raspberries!!! So delicious. I'm enjoying all the queensland strawberries at the moment.

    Good luck with the roof. To make you feel better, here is a worse story. My friend heard that a water pipe had burst in her building, but it was in a different area. She and her husband made dinner and were sitting down when she noticed the wall looked funny. She pointed it out just as the paint broke and water which was running down the wall behind the paint spurted out. They had water coming in horizontally from all directions before it got stopped. But they survived and you will too, even if there is going to be annoyances with builders between now and then.

  9. Pretties raspberries ever! I cried in the 1st HP7, when dobby died. and in this one too, with fred. BOO miss them all. Nice shades. You're style is awesome. I need me some more style :)
    Heidi xo

  10. I love your photo of Jasper; he looks so cute, so serene and content!

    I've yet to watch HP7.2, but I am feeling a little sad that the great journey of Harry and Hogwarts has come to an end. When I have a chance to go, I'll be sure to bring a box of tissues...

  11. I cried so much in Harry Potter. I'm pretty sure my best friend was too but she won't admit it.
    Good luck with the roof!