Tuesday, July 12, 2011

today I...

actioned a sock bun...

kept warm at work...

got my kick-box on!

created a stack of macs !!! (laptop, laptop, ipad, iphone!)

laughed myself silly at this inventive wifi name...



  1. Do you have the Talking Tom app on your ipad?
    I have it on mine and it entertains Mildred to no end - thought Jasper might enjoy it too??

  2. Now I want to know how to do a sock bun! Love the apple pile - it's a lot like that at our house.

  3. Hehe - I'd be laughing myself silly with that wifi network name too!

  4. baahahaa

    that is a funny name hahaahaa

    love your sock bun, they are my total go to hair style on dirty hair days.


  5. Haha love the wifi name!
    My hair is almost at the length for a sock bun, I've got too many shorter layers so it doesn't seem to like it. Soon though, very soon! Yours look beautiful!

  6. Lol love your kitty shirt! And I do love me a sock bun <3

  7. Bun looks great! Love the wi-fi name, so much more inventive than the usual. I completely empathise about keeping warm at work. Half our heating has been broken for 3 weeks and we have another 3 to wait till the replacement arrives. I'm living in thermals in the office, it is crazy, but Canberra in winter without heating and that is what you have to do!

  8. Your sock bun is so neat! I need to keep practicing...


  9. your sock bun is awesome!! i wish i knew how to do it haha. i'm too unco!! love the macstack and the whorehouse!!! theres a wifi near us in st K that is called 'crackden'... haha. x

  10. Now I feel like changing the name of my own wifi connection to something more fun :D

  11. Your sock bun looks great! Have you practised a lot? I fail at it - my hairs only an inch past my ears though so I think that has something to do with it...