Monday, October 10, 2011

ain't my friends no more...

Yesterday, I came a wee bit of a cropper. To put it simply, I fell head-first down our stairs, turning my ankle and wrenching my knee in truly spectacular fashion. 'Tis a minor miracle that I didn't break my nose or smash my teeth - thank heavens for small mercies, I suppose

I lay the blame squarely at the feet (pardon the pun!) of my gorgeous Tony Bianco Febe sandals - my Febes, why oh why did you betray me? We always were so close, how could you do this to me?
Or in all fairness, maybe the blame should fall on the shoulders of the idiot who thought she could run down the stairs wearing said sandals *facepalm*

I spent several hours in the ED this morning, where it was confirmed that, mercifully, nothing has been broken. Not quite so mercifully, I have badly sprained (possibly torn) my ACL, and it is hurting like buggery right now *cries* Spending the rest of the day at work, unable to properly elevate my leg, really can't have helped - should have listened to the good ED Dr and gone home I supposed

V brought home cake to cheer me up - from some amazing little cafe in Crows Nest. The coconut/raspberry concoction is amazing!

Jasper feels my pain, and mourns my poor, battered leg with me - and then tries to climb over and sleep on said leg, repeatedly, and cries when I push him off, bless

Not quite sure whether I will be able to forgive my Febes - certainly I won't be wearing them (or any heels!) for a good long time to come. Ballet flats for the next few weeks, here I come!



  1. Oh nooooooooooooo oh you poor thing :( :( :( I COMPLETELY understand. GAH. I fell and broke (smashed) my ankle into smithereens.. hobbled around for 2 days.. (crawled).. then went to A&E had it XR and was told it had to be operated on. GAH. I am literally feeling your pain as I write this.

    Get plenty of rest and try and take a few days off.

    Ballet flats are a must along with cake, Jasper hugs and good coffee.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. oh no that looks so painful!! i'm glad you're ok and nothing worse happened...i'm just waiting for the day i do something like this, i'm such a klutz i'm surprised it hasn't happened yet! heal fast miss xx

  3. You poor poppet, the ACL is the worst! I'm sure Jasper is just showing his sympathy, ha! Hope you feel better soon x

  4. Eeeekk I'm always worried I'll break an ankle in my Febes, falling down stairs never crossed my mind!

    I absolutely feel your pain, and I can join you in only wearing ballet flats for a while! I hope you feel better soon lovely xx

  5. Eeek - oww! I hope you are using ice, it really does help with the swelling - I am unfortunately quite practiced at dealing with injured joints. The other great thing if you can get your hands on it is a naturapathic remedy called Traumeel. It comes in cream which is great on the spot (also heals burns like nothing else) and tablets which reduce swelling and increase healing. Every dancer I know swears by it.

    Get better soon!

  6. Omg ouch, and those sandals are so pretty too :'( Now I'm even more glad I didn't seriously hurt myself playing soccer in massive wedges on the weekend, eek.

  7. My blog is being rubbish and I can't even comment on my own blogs!

    I'm trying to reply to your comment re NZ - You lucky thing spending so much time in the South Island! I only ever go to AKL and Taupo - although I do go bi-monthly so it's pretty great.

    Hope you feel better soon! What a tumble.

  8. Owwy.
    Glad nothing is broken, but ACL injuries are terrible. Look after yourself!

  9. Oh no! Hope you have as speedy recovery as possible!

  10. 1000 blessings on your ankle!

    As a gourmand reader, can I ask which cafe in Crows Nest you were treated from? I'm meeting someone for a coffee in CN and always on the look out for new places ...

  11. ooohhh no! I hope youre ok and the pain has subsided! wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

  12. Oh dear!! Poor thing. That sounds just awful, horrid! Yep, put those shoes in the naughty corner. Take care, rest up as much as you can. I hope it is all better soon. & I think this is a good start - with V bringing home cakes. You should really milk this and get multiple cups of tea :) Feel better soon, lovely.
    Heidi xo

  13. awwwww hope you feel better soon and you aren't in too much pain...
    Febes scare me too, so I probably wouldn't wear them again in a looooooooong time :)

    Ms Jelena xx

  14. Oh no, I sprained my ACL earlier this year and it's horrendous! You poor thing. Rest!
    Do what your Physio says and hopefully you'll be fine very soon :) I am all healed up now.

  15. ouchhhh! glad you didnt hurt yourself too badly.

  16. You poor thing! I have had my fair share of tumbles whilst wearing heels and its mostly when I am running around drunk (never a good combination).

  17. Oh dear you poor thing, that's really unfortunate! I hope it doesn't take too long for it to heal up x Sushi