Sunday, October 2, 2011

long weekend recap...

I loves me a long weekend - nothing quite as nice as going to bed on Sunday, in the knowledge that you do NOT have to go to work the following day!

This has been a gloriously fun long weekend too, thanks in no small part to the NRL grand final yesterday (more on that in a minute!)

Saturday, V arrived home from a week away for work, which was lovely - and then I had to go spend a couple of hours at the hairdresser getting my hair recoloured, oops, bad timing

My new breakfast discovery - mum's yummy untoasted muesli topped with mixed berries, yoghurt and milk - the milk goes all purple from the berries! Which I find exciting, because clearly I am easily amused LOL

Saturday evening, V took me out on the town, yeeeow! We went out for drinks at the newly refurbished Downtown Hotel - big ticks for the refit, drinks menu and yummy little tapas nibblies

Aaaaand then we had a rather amusing time wandering around to about half a dozen restaurants, most of which we either didn't like the look of, of couldn't get a table - and eventually decided on a good old fail-safe, at Dunes on south beach

Truly spectacular seafood platter for two

On Sunday afternoon, V and I headed to our friends' house for a NRL grand final party - they seriously throw THE best parties evah, and this was no exception. Of particular note was the amazing steak sandwiches (apparently the key is a "big-ass piece of beef" roasted and sliced afterwards LOL), which I sadly didn't get any photos of because it was too. damn. good to mess around with the camera!

Nommy snack platter - this was definitely appreciated later in the evening!

Bestest lolly platter evah! We got a take-away at the end of the night hehe

Yummy pink sparkling, thankyouverymuch!

The Skinny Blonde beers warrant a special mention for sheer hilarity's sake - the beer bottle chicky is clothed in a bikini when the bottle is cold, but once you've drunk the beer and the bottle warms up, her bikini disappears! Especially funny as the night wore on LOL

How cool is this sandstone brazier thingy? I want one!

I was gifted this cute ASOS fur hat by our hostess - doesn't fit her head. I feel very Laura from Dr Zhivago!

After getting home at 1am (following the Warrior's sad defeat), a truly marathon sleep-in was called for this morning, following by copious cups of coffee. We are currently relaxing and enjoying our nice clean home (yay for doing the cleaning on Saturday!), making the most of our time together before V heads off to Victoria for 3 weeks tomorrow, for work! eep!

Happy long weekend all!

PS: Thankyou so much for all your kind comments on my last post - feeling the love :) I feel so much better about the whole incident, and ready to try again


  1. I swear this should be a food blog! I love your new breakfast treat, I too love when milk changes colour from whatever you mix it with hehe. And its even better when the milk tastes better from whats been added to it (like Coco Pop-flavoured-milk) Mmmmmmm. haha. So sad the long weekend is over :( PS I cant see how to 'follow' you? I want to add you to my google reader :) xx

  2. mmmm stop making me hungry! hehe I love it too when the milk goes purple. It also reminds me when I used to mix blueberry muffin mixture too much and the whole batter would go purple ;) xx

  3. I can't believe I got through the whole weekend without seeing any form of football. Life is different with a non-sporty boy!

    All that food looks fab, the chocolate platter has given me serious chocy cravings!

  4. Sounds like an epic weekend! I hope it made up for the needles (eeeeeeooooowwww!!! I hate them too!)

    I actually snorted when I read the purple milk thing. I am easily amused too, clearly :P

  5. I think you can get one of those sandstone things from dusk but I don't think they hang on the wall :(

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