Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a question of ip...

I am wondering, how do I watermark my photos? I've always thought it was a bit unnecessary, but today a friend of mine came across a photo of me, taken from my blog, used in a ebay listing to advertise a pair of pants!

Maybe if the person had contacted me to ask, it would have been OK, but now I just feel weird about it. They must have done a google search and just downloaded the image. And so now I'm stressing about where the heck else my pictures might be being used!

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue? Any suggestions, or tips on how to watermark my photos?


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  1. Thats terrible! Do you have an iPhone? I downloaded iwatermark and it's super easy. Hope that helps.

  2. Not sure if you've seen my blog, but I watermark photos using photoscape (photo editing program). It's not super professional, but does the job :)

    Hope you figure something out :)

    Ms Jelena xx

  3. That's terrible Cate! You might be able to edit your pics in Picassa?? Not 100 percent sure though. Let us know how is goes.

    JL xo

  4. At least I've been contacted when people have used my photos! I would say it depends on what software you have access to, but most editing packages will let you put words across in a transparent font. Good luck on finding something.

  5. That's SO WEIRD and CREEPY. I don't get why people can't a) take their own photos or b) ask!!!

  6. I think you can watermark in Picasa. I am a photographer and never watermark my photographs, but I think I am going to have to start as I am finding my images all over the place!