Saturday, January 21, 2012

instagram photo-a-day challenge...

Jan 1st - you

Jan 2nd - breakfast

Jan 3rd - something you adore

Jan 4th - letterbox

Jan 5th - something you wore

Jan 6th - makes you smile

Jan 7th - favourite

Jan 8th - your sky

Jan 9th - daily routine

Jan 10th - childhood

Jan 11th - where you sleep

Jan 12th - close-up

Jan 13th - in your bag

Jan 14th - something you're reading

Jan 15th - happiness


  1. I started this too but Ive ended up missing so many I've given up! ha Next time!
    What's your instagram name? I've tried to find you but can't!


  2. love your posts- they always make me feel so tranquil and calm :)

  3. I wish I had an Iphone! This looks like a lot of fun.. your cats are just adorable! xx

  4. What is your instagram name? I'd love to follow yours :) Mine is Wikifashion. Which mac lipstick is that? It's lovely x

  5. Ive been doing this too! And im really loving it :D

    Love your pics they are gorgeous.

  6. love it! wish I'd joined in. I feel it's a bit late now :(
    Heidi xo

  7. I love your blog.
    I created a blog recently and I liked that you were seeing it.

    I hope you like,

    Sweet Cherry.