Saturday, April 28, 2012

anzac biscuits, chicken soup and a celebration...

It has been an eventful week, to say the least!

Jasper woke me up on Wednesday looking singularly unimpressed - wearing his "feed me!" face

Nothing better than a cup of coffee to kick-start the day...

Currently in LOVE with my new Sassafrass candle! It smells like fairy floss and marshmallows and raspberries and unicorn's breath and all things that are good and pure in this world

I made a batch of ANZAC biscuits...

Shared with loved ones - I kind of like the idea of rememberance in a biscuit. Sweet, but so bittersweet at the same time

Have you all discovered the wonder that is the Stonesoup's roast chicken soup? I would tell you to Sprint, Don't Stroll - but I'm a traditionalist, so I will stick with Run, Don't Walk!

Loving dressing for the autumn weather - this Marcs dress is my current obsession

Mmmmm cheat's breakfast...

We have had a lot to celebrate this week - V was promoted! After only 15 months with the company, he is now 2IC on his team - kind of more proud of him that I could ever express in words, so I shall be content with a simple WOOT WOOT!

More autumn dressing - similarly enamoured of this Country Road shearling collar...

Spent a lovely couple of hours chilling over chai with R and little Pania - bliss!

For those of you who asked, the pram is a Valco Ion, and R says she would recommend it very highly

Made these amaaaaazing meatballs for dinner, courtesy of my gorgeous friend Bek - seriously, seriously yum!

How has the weekend been treating you all?


  1. Stonesoup is a favourite & the chicken soup looks super nourishing :) I love dressing for Autumn too, all the layers! x

  2. All that food makes me so hungry!! I love a good meatball and I need to check out that soup...

    It's started getting really cold here in the mornings so I have been on the look out for warm cardis. I hasn't thought of Country Road but I might just check it out...

    And congratulations to V! How exciting!


    K xxx

  3. So much to like here - Glasshouse candles, soup, pasta, your jeans and stripes outfit - all such lovely comfy things for the dreary Autumn weather.

  4. Love Stonesoup!
    I really love the pic of Jasper, he has such pretty eyes.
    Love the Marcs dress too!

  5. I loved the sound of that outfit when you described it on VF, it's even better than I pictured! Love that collar.

    Congrats to V, how very exciting!! xx

  6. Perfection!! Congrats to your man - superstar. "Rememberance in a biscuit" - I like that and so true, bittersweet. Those meatballs look insanely good. I cannot believe it but no have never seen that soup! Sprinting now :)
    Heidi xo