Sunday, May 20, 2012

sometimes on a sunday...

Have you all been having a good Sunday?

 Had a lovely late brekky with some lovely family members at lee&me today...

ZOMG best breakfast evah! Buttermilk hotcakes with grilled banana, vanilla ricotta and salted caramel sauce *drools*

Grabbed some supplies from the produce market

Corella pears are in season right now peeps, and so delish! And very decorative too for autumn

Apricot autumn roses, so pretty!

Take heed and fair warning people, this chocolate bar is insaaaanely good! The one with the popping candy, y'know? I am so freaking glad I bought the teeny little bar and not the whole block, for I fear I would have eaten the entire block in one sitting!

My Macbook has been woodland creatured-up!

Currently trying to think of what to make for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea for work this Thursday - it must have pink icing. Any suggestions?



  1. Agreed- corella pears are the best :) I always buy a few before work at the markets & they're always reliable and crunchy! Love your macbook, I would never have thought to decorate mine..!

  2. Homemade Iced VoVos...

  3. 3 things I could go right now.

    1. A nice bunch of roses.
    2. A chocolate bar
    3. A nice cup of warm coffee mmmm deeeeelish!

    Sophie xx

  4. Those pears are the best for babies too because they aren't too grainy! My daughter loves them!
    That chocolate is dangerous! The crunchie and Kelly bits one is also quite awesome!!!
    What about cookie men with pink icing to make their buttons, eyes, mouth etc???

  5. You love Lee&Me!

    How awesome is that chocolate?! I love the peanut brittle one the most, need to try the popping candy one.


  6. everything looks DELISH!!

    you should make, chocolate brownies w rasperries and a raspberry glaze! yum!
    orrrr standard cupcakes w pink icing?
    orrrr orange cake with cream cheese frosting (pink die) and flowers on top!
    and please courier me some of these delicious treats!

  7. I love macbook decals, yours is so cute!

    those hotcakes look amaaaazing x

  8. Looks like you had a lovely Sunday :) When all else fails I make cupcakes! They would be super cute with pink icing.

  9. MMMM that coffee and hotcakes look so good....

  10. I'm nuts about that chocolate! I bought the whole block, and I can confirm your suspicions - it didn't last long at all.

    I once had a chocolate cake with a thick pink coconut icing, like a Coconut Ice.

  11. Your pictures are always so pretty :)
    I don't love bananas but the salted caramel sauce has got me craving that breakfast. And I have been totally creeping on those chocolate bars in the supermarket, but have managed to hold out so far. Poppy candy is the bomb.

  12. Your laptop cover is so adorable! x Sushi

  13. Those pancakes look ridiculously yummy...and I'm not even a huge banana fan. Yuuuuuum! x

  14. Received my candle today - it smells amazing! Thank you again xx

  15. Ah such sweet decor on your Mac. Mine is still boring and sometimes I can't decide whether I like its minimalism or whether I should slap a floral sticker on it! That pancake combo sounds INSANE. Salted caramel?! Come on! I have to try.

  16. Love the stickers, we have the tree from love Mae on our bedroom wall.

    Do you have any accommodation recs for port Stephens? If so - please post & let me know?

    Thanks, Midsommer from vogue forum

    1. Hey hun, we stayed at the Peppers Anchorage at Port Stephens, it was gorgeous! Highly recommend x

  17. I need to try this chocolate everyone is speaking of. Apricot roses? divine.
    Heidi xo