Monday, December 31, 2012

restaurant review - no. 7 balmac, dunedin...

Lat week a group of us had a nice, quiet dinner at No. 7 Balmac, a local restaurant in Maori Hill, Dunedin. Given as it was so nice and close to the house, we walked there and back (probably took around 15mins each way)

I'm a sucker for a restaurant with personalised wine glasses...

The service was very attentive and friendly, and the decor was lovely

Delicious local tipple involving elderflower and fresh rhubarb mmmm...

Being a bit of a bottled water snob, I was quite excited to spot the lovely antipodes brand sparkling water on the menu - luffs me a local fancy sparkling! haha

My salad included some pretty special freshly-made mozarella that was, quite simply, out of this world

V's entree of linguine with local clams - he gave it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

My main was pretty nice, but sadly the lamb was quite ribboned with fat making it a bit tough - otherwise a lovely dish, a good combination of flavours

I had SERIOUS food envy when I saw V's order (and luckily he was happy to share heh) - slow-cooked duck with panko-crumbed bubble and squeak, asparagus and panchetta chips. Quite simply sublime. I'm generally not a fan of duck but this was just cooked to perfection and so tasty

V copied my dessert order and we both ended up with a very yummy orange blossom creme brulee...

More food envy! My mum's banana, caramel and walnut pudding with salted caramel icecream ommnomnomnom

The food is quite pricey at No. 7 Balmac, although if you're visiting from Australia this is almost negated by the dollar difference (or so I like to tell myself heh) Overall a very impressive restaurant, I wouldn't go for the lamb again, but our party was very happy with their meals on the whole, and some dishes were a definite stand-out


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  1. We love no7 balmac our go to restaurant for special occasions. The duck is amaze.