Sunday, February 24, 2013

operation cheer-up-self...

Its been a hectic week at work, and I'm reeeeeally not looking forward to next week - the weekend was pretty much spent distracting myself as much as possible

Indulged in a wee bit of MAC retail therapy last week - needed to replace my Redd liner, and had been wanting to try the Melba blush (note - perfection!)

Got to take the office flowers home this week, yew!

Getting mah ballet on, Friday evening...

Pre-ballet snack + reading material

On a side note - is this the best invention ever? I love pomegranate arils SO much, but getting the damn things out of the pom is just painful, not to messy insanely messy. Buying them pre-packaged is ridiculously perfect for lazy, mess-averse me heh

Saturday was so lovely and rainy and cool - I'm officially well and truly over summer, and longing for autumn. The heat is killing me, enough already! More rainy days pls!

Kittehs become super snuggly in this weather...

Did eventually get myself dressed and hauled myself out of the house to grab some essentials...

Yes, these are essentials!

As are these (mmmm jaffa muffin)

Dave Austen roses are my favouritefavouritefavourite!

Never let it be said that I don't get maximum value out of my flowers...


This morning, headed out to breakfast at lee&me with some girlfriends...

Still luffing these sunglasses to the max!

Hope the weekend has been good to you all!


  1. Such beautiful photos!

    Love pomegranate arils. It's easier to get them out if you fill a big bowl with water, crack the pomegranate open and pull it apart in the water. All the seeds sink and you can scoop off the gunk from the top, then pour off the water.

    Hope next week goes quickly for you.

  2. Gorgeous flowers-they are jut so pretty and happy. Hope they distract you from the not nice parts of your week! I love your essentials-shouldn't go through a weekend without them!

  3. The sunglasses are awesome! x

  4. I love how you buy fresh flowers every week! I should do that more often.

    hehe it was my turn to take the office flowers home on Friday too!

    hope this week is better for you x

  5. Love those flowers - beautiful! I'm also soooo over this hot weather - bring on A/W!!

  6. I love that you buy pomegranate like that, sometimes I buy the already chopped up pineapple because I hate cutting it and I always feel really lazy doing it. Muffins and baked goods in general are definitely essentials. Hope your week improves! :)

  7. prada sunnies are the bomb!
    Hope your week improves darling x

  8. Have you tried removing pomegranate seeds in a sink of water? Heaps easier!

  9. Gorgeous floristry styling those roses so beautifully. I have to agree that a good magazine and baked goodies are weekend essentials and it sounds like you needed some R&R treats. Hope next week is better for you ❤️