Monday, February 11, 2013

weekend weekend...

This weekend passed by in a blur of food and celebration...

Spent most of Saturday having my hair re-reddened...

Et voila!

Sunday morning was for brunch at the beach...

Extremely delicious, extremely structurally unsound fruit platter

Tomorrow is V's birthday, and as he was going to be away, we threw him a little party on Sunday night...

How adorable is this birthday card from my parents nawww

Key lime pie was had!

V headed off to Bourke this morning - took a bunch of these bad boys with him

Manymany thanks to the lovely Mez for sharing the World's Most Amazing recipe for red velvet cupcakes! These were insanely good

May or may not have indulged in a wee bit of retail therapy today to cheer self up...

I have this *thing* where I like to keep shiny new purchases in their shiny new packaging for as long as possible - such as this book purchased before Christmas from Ariels bookstore in the Rocks. Which I intend to leave wrapped until I want to read it heh

Hence my lovely little bottle of Jo Malone Jasmine & White Mint fragrance will be remaining firmly boxed, bagged and ribboned until I want to use it!




  1. Dear Florance

    luff the hair, luff a red velvet cupcake too. Must make some.

    did you know I added you to my roll? Thought you were always there, turns out you weren't xxxxxx

  2. Love your hair!! Wish I could pull off red!

    Those cupcakes look delicious!!

  3. Love the hair! What a great shade.

  4. That key lime pie looks amazing... and I'm going to have to try that Red Velvet recipe!

  5. your hair looks amazing! so fiery red. those cupcakes look delicious, I want some now x

  6. Obsessed with your red hair! Must be making those cupcakes, pronto. Happy Birthday V!

  7. Hair looks gorgeous. I seriously love meerkats. Seeing them in the wild in South Africa was hilarious (naturally) and so exciting. Yummy food shots. Hope you don't miss V too much.