Saturday, May 25, 2013

celebrating the cool change...

I have really been getting into the winter spirit of late. Lots of mugs of hot tea with honey, snuggly wool sweaters, ugg boots, and vege juices to stave off any winter lurgies.

Friday was lovely, and involved vege shopping at the produce markets, cake baking, and an amazing degustation dinner at the amazing Caveau (sans Chandon for this little sad panda).

V has some exciting news - he has recently been headhunted for a supervisors job with a new company. He got some new toys (of note: the Hilux) - and is thrilled to be working in a company that is extremely family-friendly (read: much less travel away). The timing is just perfect for us, with our little girl on the way. So big yays in the KittyCate household!

Weekend has been brilliant so far - brekky at lee&me, and some essential couch- time with the kittehs. I have been washing loads of baby clothes and the sweetest little soft, snugly warm baby blankets.

Speaking of blankets - have you pulled your winter blankets out of storage yet? We put ours on the bed last night - nothing better in winter! Two very warm cats generally helps also (they are both snoring on the couch next to me as I type this).

Are you bunkering down and preparing for the cool weather? xoxo


  1. That is fantastic news about V's new job!! How over the moon I bet you guys are!

    I've also been sooo getting into winter spirit at the moment. Buying a few cute beanies and lots of wooly socks; there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch to your love and kitty with a soft, warm blanket. How can people dislike winter!!?

  2. Yay ... congrats to V for his new job. That will be wonderful when baby comes along. And pretty much yes to everything else you said - warm blankets on the bed and couch to snuggle in. Our kitties are inside mostly now too, getting cosy on in the bed and sometimes even under the covers.

    That cake looks delish and the blue quilt in the last pic is divine. Stay warm xx

  3. That's FANTASTIC news about V's work. You will need him around so you can SLEEP and he can do a bottle every now and then.

    Loving the winter weather, it's MUCH easier with a baby than the summer heat waves we had.


  4. yay, congrats about V's new job! how perfect :)

    I've been loving the colder weather lately, so snuggly! x

  5. Those veggies look SO comforting. Glad to hear your good news! XXXX