Thursday, September 12, 2013

this time two weeks ago...

What a difference two weeks makes! This time a fortnight ago, I was 40weeks pregnant and enjoying those last few days of "me time", seeing my OB and being booked in for induction the following week if our wee girl hadn't made an appearance by then. A few days later, on my official due date, I went into labour somewhat dramatically - precipitated with my waters breaking hilariously whilst we were lying in bed on Saturday evening, with such noise and force that V heard them and felt the bed shake! Just under 5 hours later, in the early hours of the first day of Spring, I was being handed our little girl - the best moment of my life. God I'm such a walking cliche today LOL

V stayed every night in the hospital with us which was fantastic - so amazing to share those initial moments with him!

I was sent a veritable florist's shop of flowers!
V's bouquet was a stand-out...
The view from my room was extremely relaxing - despite the many people who told me I'd be bored silly after the mandatory 7-day stay imposed as a standard by my OB, I enjoyed every second! Despite the jaundice and the humidicrib, and the 4 heel-puncture tests our poor wee angel was subjected to, it was honestly the most positive experience of my life - a lovely cocooning period for our little family.
We celebrated our 5-year anniversary last Friday, whilst still in hospital - and our daughter was 5 days old that same day, which we thought was pretty special. V surprised the life out of me with the most gorgeous anniversary/"push present" imaginable. Pink diamonds for a little girl, of course.
We've been home since Sunday now, and settling in quite nicely - V has some time off work, and the three of us are just enjoying every second spent together. Bathtimes are a special highlight!
We're very happy that Evelyn loves her capsule and pram! We have taken her for several walks - really appreciating the cafe at the front of our apartment block!
Took a walk up the road this afternoon to show her the block where our future-home will be built...
Hope the past few weeks have been as good to you all as they have been to us!



  1. What a dramatic entry-it's lovely things have calmed down a little since that start! Congratulations! Enjoy this super special time. SOmetimes cliches become cliches for a reason! Enjoy this super special time. x

  2. thrilled for you! loved hospital too.

    Such a special time x

  3. Ah! This is all so lovely and beautiful! Congratulations! I love that you're celebrating all the little family moments. What a tiny gem your wee girl is, too!

  4. Congratulations! What a great entrance to the world.

  5. She is precious! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing! She's such a darling. Her name is lovely! x

  7. I loved hospy too! Your family is perfection x

  8. Congratulations again ... loved those early days altogether too x

  9. Huge congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures on here.

    I love reading your blog!!

    T xo
    (a fellow Gong girl!)

  10. The couple of weeks have been real nice from the photos you've shared. Am sure every day and every moment now will be precious watching her grow before you.

  11. Congratulations on your beautiful little lady!
    xx Kit