Friday, March 7, 2014



Welcome to New Zealand! V and I are over here for a fortnight with Evelyn and my parents for a wee holiday, staying at their house in Dunedin, and we are having an absolute blast. I will write a post on travelling with kids later on this week, so far she's been a gem! I will admit, I was worried!
Homemade cookies are essential during the travel planning process!
Dropped the poor cats off to the cat motel for a stay...
Taking a much needed break from running pre-travel errands...
My biggest concern (strangely enough) was the drive up to the airport on Saturday morning - we needed to be on the road by 6am, and wee girl normally sleeps until around 7:30-8am. I actually agonised for days over whether to wake/feed/dress her early, or try to put her into her car capsule asleep and in her jammies, and just gogogo. We ended up leaving her asleep - I managed to transfer her into her capsule and into my parents' car, and she didn't wake until we arrived at the airport over an hour later! Will admit I was more thana little pleased with myself
Collapsed with relief in the Koru lounge over breakfast and coffee - successful run!
Air New Zealand were so fantabulous to deal with at every stage, Cabin Crew most of all, such lovely people! Helps that we have such a charming kiddo of a daughter hehe
In-flight bebe! Such a little trooper - the bulkhead seat and bassinet were fantastic, highly recommend booking these if you are travelling internationally!
NZ is cold peeps! Loving the weather after the stifling hot summer we've been having back home - I do not cope well in the heat
Things were a tad warmer aka tropical in the butterfly house at Otago Museum - this was during the morning butterfly release, seconds before this Blue Morpho climbed up onto Evie's face. She was slightly unimpressed haha
We have been touring the South Island, eating lots of yummy food and drinking lots of good wine - hopefully I come back home several kilos heavier! So nice to see family and introduce them to the kiddo, she's been a hit! Enjoying the local seasonl goodies as much as we have (blackberries and Central Otago plums have been a notable hit!) She has also started "proper" crawling *cries* I see some babyproofing in our immediate future on arrival home.
Will try and post a bit more while we are here including some scenery, food etc and not so much babyphotospam heh



  1. Traveling with young babies is great. The older they get the more challenging it becomes. They grow out of the bassinets before you know it. Enjoy the cooler weather.

  2. Sounds fabulous and the little miss is looking so grown up now! X

  3. How lovely. Can't wait to read your travel tips - our E was teeny when we took her to Fiji and our next trip is to the UK Ina couple of months. Your family is the best x

  4. That sounds so lovely. I adore your bag! by the way!