Sunday, March 16, 2014

kiwi catch up...

We arrived home safe and sound last week with our little frequent flyer - as V pointed out, she has already been to New Zealand as I found out I was early pregnant with her over there, December 2012! So a homecoming of sorts haha We had such a lovely time introducing her to family, eating lots of good food and generally just chilling - V started a fantastic new job this week in a supervisory role (which I celebrated by spectacularly smashing a bottle of Veuve on the bottle shop floor - I don't wanna talk about it), so this holiday was perfect for us to really spend some quality time as a family before things get crazy busy for him.
Here follows some serious NZ photospam!
The view from my parents' front door is pretty damn gorgeous

Tried to pack light, but did end up taking most of the kiddo's toys with us

Even in March, NZ weather calls for stripey jammies at night (stripey bunny is optional)
In a truly civilised society, your pot of tea comes with an egg timer for maximum tea-steeping accuracy. Australian caf├ęs, take note! On that point, why have we failed to cotton on to the deliciousness that is cinnamon instead of chocolate powder on a cappuccino??? I think I need to campaign for change...
Speaking of truly Kiwi food quirks, behold the amazing beauty that is he orange choc chip ice cream! Food of the gods, and sadly unavailable back home
Amazing grilled brill!
Everywhere on all day breakfast menus, there was pancakes with grilled banana, bacon and maple syrup - may have lost count of how many times I indulged...
Visited the Orakanui bird sanctuary, always a favourite - Evie seemed to enjoy the walk and all the birds!
The lunch is pretty spesh too - loves me a cheese platter!
Visiting the seals at Pilots Beach along the Otago Peninsula went down well too...
Took myself off for a child-free morning and had a pedicure and a coffee - looked like a local wearing sandals in the rain!
Couldn't get the poor kiddo a Kiwi passport, the least I can do is start her off supporting the right team!
All in all, a fantastic time was had - my poor wee girl seem to be missing waking up and seeing her grandparents every morning! I'm sure the feeling is mutual. Luckily they live so close, but we are already planning our next trips way - aren't you supposed to book the next holiday when you get home from the previous? Keeps you sane heh



  1. love the Oobi baby beanie! too cute :)

  2. Lovely photos- I've always wanted to go to NZ :) my mum orders her lattes with cinnamon on top- I've been wanting to start doing that too! x

  3. Love this post! I really want to go to New Zealand, it looks so beautiful.
    Evie is just so damn gorgeous. Love the matching stripey bunny. When I was little my nan made me and my doll matching pyjamas. I thought I was so special hahaha.

    As always, the food looks amazing as well!


  4. Sounds like you had a great trip! The view from your parents house reminds me a bit of Tassie.