Sunday, May 11, 2014

saturday/sunday funday...

Yesterday was the wedding of one of my closest friends. J and I have been dancing together for years, along with L and J - we started out as just "ballet buddies" and quickly became the best of friends. Seeing J marry her childhood sweetheart was just beautiful, and the whole day was perfect!

My lovely gals, and the even lovelier bride!

Yes, yes, we went a little photobooth crazy - I actually didn't get any proper photos of the day/night, having far too much fun! 

I was so proud of our little girl. We dropped her off with my parents in the morning, and they had an absolute blast! Apparently she ate, slept and played like a little angel. Come 8pm, she'd had her bath and bottle, and was sound asleep in the nursery. 

We got back to my parents' house just before midnight, checked on our peacefully sleeping kiddo, took my makeup off with baby wipes (seriously, is there anything these babies are not good for?), had a cuppa with my mum, then crashed out until 7:30am when bub woke me asking for her breakfast.

(For all those wondering - and yes, TMI alert - I did have to go sit in the car with my manual pump for a brief "session" just before the reception commenced. Sadly had to dump it all down the drain as I had several g&t's and a glass of champagne coursing through my system. Thanks again for all the tips and advice on that particular subject!)

Sunday morning, Mother's Day! I was treated to tea and toast in bed made by Evelyn (maybe helped just a leetle bit by her father), plus the cutest little card, and most gorgeous bunch of flowers.

My daughter, the artiste, drew for me haha

There are peony buds in there! Kid sure knows her mum's favorite flowers 😊

Later, we headed out for High Tea at Ravensthorpe House with my lovely mum...

Those of you who are playing at home, will know that V and I got married at Ravensthorpe, and have returned on many subsequent occasions, including last year's Mother's Day.

The food and service were brilliant, as always. We were a little disconcerted at the start, when we were told they only have one highchair available for us, apparently only three in the entire venue, despite my specifically booking two, and confirming this a few days ago. Evelyn and my niece are both too little for regular chairs! Luckily it was all sorted out, but I do think, if you book something and confirm it, it's got to be made available. If they had told us it was going to be an issue, we could have brought one from home. A teensy black dot on an otherwise perfect morning.

Memories! I miss my bump so much sometimes. But having my little girl here, in my arms, is a million times better!

Hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend - happy Mother's Day to all the mums!


  1. Little E's scribble is so cute!
    High tea looks absolutely amazing!!

    Michaela // Where is my mind?

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I am a new Muma- he's 10 days old now and the love is just immense. I know what you mean about the bump but it is so much better having them here with us :-)

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. Happy first Mothers Day!

  4. Peony buds! What a beautiful treat!