Saturday, May 17, 2014

sunshine, fun times...

Have had the best day today! Woken at 7:30am by my wee girl calling out from the nursery, I bundled her into bed with us for a feed and cuddles and a play. Possibly the nicest way I know to start the day off. 

Rejuvenated after a somewhat up-and-down week, we decided to head out to the school fete at my old school - and meet up with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. The girls will both be starting pre-prep there a year apart, and we have their names down there already, so it was a great opportunity to check the place out - it had changed a fair bit, but was also achingly familiar. Nostalgia! I loved school 😊

Morning snuggles with these two are the highlight of my weekends...

Such a gorgeous day for it! Perfectly sunny and fresh. We kicked off with bacon and egg rolls and coffee at the Giddy Goat - their addition of homemade chilli relish on the rolls is kind of inspired. Good coffee too 

Princess E in her chariot, decked out in Country Road and Seed, Sophie always on hand...

Some of us opted for face painting...

Flowers galore!

We stopped to watch the students' dance performances and the cantina choir, some really talented kiddies!

My sister and I were in hysterics that we had dressed somewhat identically in skinny jeans, collared shirts and cropped sweaters, in the same colours. We never do that! 

• Trenery jeans
• Everlane silk shirt
• Wrangler knit
• Country road ballet flats

Bought a floral crown for Evelyn's dress up box (don't laugh, I have one of these for her already!) The students had made them, I thought they were quite good!

Repurposing my Mother's Day flowers, the lilies are still going strong!

Rounded out the day with an early tea at our local, next door - oregano and lemon marinated lamb backstrap with pumpkin, feta, baby spinach and quinoa. And a nice glass of wine. Bliss!



  1. What a great day! I love that you are back posting regularly! How is the house coming along? x

  2. What a lovely day! Your lilies are beautiful.

  3. How lovely E will be going to your old school :)
    My sis and I are forever showing up places in the same outfits - we actually text each other beforehand now if its an important occasion. x
    ps. Loving the little red bow in E's hair.

  4. In my opinion the perfect way to start the day! We start our days the same (feed in bed and snuggles) and I will be so sad to give it up soon :(