Friday, May 23, 2014


What a lovely couple of days we have just had! I swear the weeks just seem to rush by, before I know it the weekend is rolling around again...

Wakes up smiling and with mad hair - absolute perfection - hurts my heart ❤️

Thursdays, we head to the library of morning, then we have a Gymbaroo class with E's little playgroup buddies, always a weekly highlight!

Ran several errands in the arvo and then rewarded myself with a much-needed coffee and lunch with my mum

Uhh-mazing roast vege salad with avocado at Diggies Cycle cafe

Rocking the chevron!

Someone's current favorite toy - apparently the best way to appreciate the flashing lights is by putting your entire face into the fishbowl

Friday morning, the kiddo and I headed into the weekly produce markets to shop up storm, as we are wont each week...

Fortified ourselves with a goodly-sized cappuccino at His Boy Elroy first up...

Seriously loving the new length! 

V will be devvo that the fudge-makers weren't there this week, their Russian caramel is his current obsession

Rushed home and began the bi-weekly food cookup for the kiddo - pears with blackberries and raspberries, zucchini with peas and mint, and pumpkin with basil are on this week's menu!

Have a lamb korma simmering away in the slow cooker, and a glass of Bordeaux rose calling my name. The poor girly has a head cold and cough so I'm not sure how well we will sleep tonight, fingers and toes crossed!

Happy weekend! We all know the weekend begins on Friday night, yes?


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  1. Happy weekend! Your little girl is far too adorable :) And that is a delicious lunch you had, roasted veggies is simple yet always so delicious and the avocados make it so decadent hehe. Hope your little girl gets well soon. xx