Saturday, May 24, 2014

weekend scenes...

It has been a long and rather enjoyable weekend here in the KittyCate household. We have had one crook little kiddo the past day or two, Friday night was a real shocker, lots of pitiful coughing and sneezing poor mite. I am pleased to report she is on the mend now and doing much better. I guess little sniffles and sneezles are just part of life with a baby! Bring on daycare in 2015 when it gets far worse! 😂 But I digress...

Took our girl to the Art Gallery on Saturday to check out the Art Express exhibition (showing until July) - really really impressive! I could not believe some of the works were by high school students, the quality was so amazing. I don't have an artistic bone in my body so I am always super impressed/jealous of that particular skillset

Stopped off for lunch after at Lower East cafe - the beef brisket on rye was pretty damn good, the addition of kimchi made it fantastic! V enjoyed the confit salmon salad (Evie partook of a wee bit of salmon) 

We have recently purchased an Entertainment Book for our local area, as well as being for charity (in our case, breast cancer research set up by friends), damn they are great value! 25% off our lunch was perfect! A couple of meals out and you have gotten your money's worth on the purchase price. If anyone is interested, please check it out, it's for an amazing cause!

Received the most gorgeous bunch of peonies from Hello Petal flowers...

Completely made my day (and made up for an entirely sleepless Friday night spent nursing the sick kiddo)

Today, we hit up the Coledale markets - cannot believe this is the first time I have ever been! Seriously so much fun, and so many great stalls to browse. I was ecstatic to discover the good folks from The Pines organic dairy there and made haste to snap up a 2L bottle of their delicious unhomogenized milk - as well as two milkshakes! 😳

And you had better believe that is a salted caramel and coconut apple you see there - of which I ate 3/4 on account of V poo-pooing the idea of a caramel apple. It was delicious, and he was sorry to only get a quarter of it hahahahaha

Not entirely happy with her adorable new hairbow from the lovely ladies at Ivy&Moose, hence the tears. Her new rattle seemed to make up for it somewhat

As for the rest of the weekend - V is out washing both the cars, and I have just cooked up a massive batch of food for the wee one, while she naps. Our tea is bubbling away in the slow cooker. Cleaning the house and getting the washing in is next on the agenda - after all, you have to temper so much weekend fun with a bit of boring-but-essential domestic tedium. It's like the law of the universe of something!

I hope your weekends have contained more fun than domestic bliss!


  1. Oh my - That headband is adorable!
    I love Coledale markets, and Lower East. We moved out of the area 2 years ago and I miss so much of it. Lucky we often return to visit family and get my coastal fix.

  2. What a lovely weekend, even with a sick little one. Poor little thing! xx

  3. Look at her amazing blue eyes in the last pic. Gosh!

  4. That headband is so cute! And Evelyn is adorable even when she's teary <3

    We get an entertainment book every year, they are such good value! and we find so many cool places by using up the vouchers, too!


  5. She's so cute! You look fab too :)